Justin Ruths

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Tags: Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Systems Science and Applied Mathematics
Washington University in Saint Louis (WUSTL) - 2011
M.S. - Electrical Engineering
Washington University in Saint Louis - 2008
M.S. - Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University - 2006
B.S. - Physics
Rice University - 2004


J. Ruths, D. Stefanatos, T.-Y. Yu, J.-S. Li. A universal computational method for optimal pulse design in NMR & MRI. Proceedings of NSF Engineering and Innovation Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2011. [not peer reviewed] 2011 - Publication
J.-S. Li, J. Ruths, T.-Y. Yu, H. Arthanari, G. Wagner. Optimal pulse design in quantum control: a unified computational method. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 108, no. 5, 1879-1884, 2011. 2011 - Publication
J. Ruths, J.-S. Li. Optimal ensemble control of open quantum systems with a pseudospectral method. 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Atlanta, 2010. 2010 - Publication
D. Stefanatos, J. Ruths, J.-S. Li. Frictionless atom cooling in harmonic traps: a time-optimal control approach. Physical Review A, 82, 063422, 2010. 2010 - Publication
J.-S. Li, J. Ruths, D. Stefanatos. A pseudospectral method for optimal control of open quantum systems. Journal of Chemical Physics, 131, 164110, 2009. 2009 - Publication
J.-S. Li, J. Ruths. Optimal sampling and design of MR pulse sequences. Proceedings of NSF Engineering and Innovation Conference, Honolulu, HI, 2009. [not peer reviewed] 2009 - Publication
J. Ruths, J.-S. Li. Global climate change: Control theory methods for a coupled climate model with carbon-cycle feedbacks. 2nd International Symposium on Energy and Environment, McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environment Partnership, 2008. 2008 - Publication
J. Ruths, J. Sousa, A. Girard. Controlled vehicle exchange and allocation in dynamic teams. Proceedings of the ASME International Mech. Eng. Congress and Exposition, Orlando, FL, 2005. 2005 - Publication


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2016–Present]
Assistant Professor
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) [2011–2016]

Additional Information


SUTD 40.570          (Graduate)  Linear Control Systems                                                                

SUTD 40.006          (Undergraduate)  Network Modeling                                                                

SUTD 10.007          (Undergraduate)  Modeling the Systems World, Differential Equations            

SUTD 10.004          (Undergraduate)  Advanced Math II, Linear Algebra & Multivariable Calculus

SUTD 10.001          (Undergraduate)  Advanced Math I, Single Variable Calculus                      

Professional Activities & Leadership

Co-organizer of workshop: Paradigms for Control in Social Systems
Held at the International Conference on Computational Science 2015

Session co-chair at the Conference on Decision and Control 2014, SIAM Control and Its Applications 2013

PC Member              International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2016); Conference on Complex Systems (CCS 2016)

Reviewer                  Conferences:  CDC, ACC, ECC, MSC, etc

IEEE TAC, TCNS, TCAS, TNNLS; Automatica; System & Control Letters
Science; Nature Reviews; Physical Review; Nature Communications
Physica; Scientific Reports; PLOS One; Entropy; Journal of the Franklin Institute


2016 – 2017             J. Ruths, R. Bouffanais, S. Ahipasaoglu, D. Rhodes, D. Hastings, Characterizing and Addressing the Implications of Complexity and Emergence
Singapore Ministry of Defense


2015 – 2019             Co-PI on consortium grant, ASPIRE: Advancing Security of Public Infrastructure using Resilience and Economics
Singapore National Research Foundation


2015 – 2018             Co-PI on consortium grant, DManD: Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre
Singapore National Research Foundation


2015                         J. Ruths, D. Ruths. ICCS Workshop: Paradigms for Control in Social Systems
International Design Center (IDC21500101)


2014 – 2017             E. Kyoseva, J. Ruths, Modular Design Principles for Quantum Devices
International Design Center (IDG31300102)


2014 – 2015             J. Ruths, A. Mathur, G. Sabaliauskaite, Empirical Assessment of Techniques for Detecting and Responding to Sensor Attacks in Cyber Physical System
iTrust (IGDS S14 05011)


2013 – 2015             J. Ruths, Design Principles for Robustly Controllable Networks
International Design Center (IDG31300103)


2011 – 2014             J. Ruths, Computational Methods for Optimal Control of Quantum Systems
Singapore Ministry of Education (SRG 2011010)