Justin Ruths

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Tags: Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Systems Science and Applied Mathematics
Washington University in Saint Louis (WUSTL) - 2011
M.S. - Electrical Engineering
Washington University in Saint Louis - 2008
M.S. - Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University - 2006
B.S. - Physics
Rice University - 2004


G. Sabaliauskaite, G.S. Ng, J. Ruths, A. Mathur. Comparison of Corrupted Sensor Data Detection Methods in Detecting Stealthy Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems. 22nd IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC), 2017. 2017 - Publication
S. Ghosh, J. Ruths. Structural Control of Single-Input Rank One Bilinear Systems. Automatica, vol. 64, pp. 8-17, 2016. 2016 - Publication
D. Ruths, J. Ruths. Estimating the Minimum Control Count of Random Network Models. Scientific Reports, vol. 6, article 19818, 2016. 2016 - Publication
B. Mannot, J. Ruths. Sensitivity of Network Controllability to Weight-Based Edge Thresholding. 7th Workshop on Complex Networks (CompleNet), Dijon, 2016. 2016 - Publication
J. Ruths, S. Ghosh, B. Ghosh. Optimal Tracking of Version and Vergence Eye Movements in Human Binocular Control. European Control Conference, Aalborg, 2016. 2016 - Publication
C. Murguia, J. Ruths. Characterization of a CUSUM Model-Based Sensor Attack Detector. 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Las Vegas, 2016. 2016 - Publication
C. Murguia, J. Ruths, H. Nijmeijer. Robust Network Synchronization of Time-Delayed Coupled Systems. 6th IFAC International Workshop on Periodic Control Systems (PSYCO), Eindhoven, 2016. 2016 - Publication
D. Urbina, J. Giraldo, A. Cardenas, N. Tippenhauer, J. Valente, M. Faisal, J. Ruths, R. Candell, H. Sandberg. Limiting the Impact of Stealthy Attacks on Industrial Control Systems. 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCA), Vienna, 2016. 2016 - Publication
G. Sabaliauskaite, G.S. Ng, J. Ruths, A. Mathur. Empirical Assessment of Corrupt Sensor Data Detection Methods in a Robot. IEEE International Workshop on Dependable Software and Applications, Atlanta, 2016. 2016 - Publication
C. Murguia, J. Ruths. CUSUM and Chi-Squared Attack Detection of Compromised Sensors. IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control (CDC), Buenos Aires, 2016. 2016 - Publication


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2016–Present]
Assistant Professor
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) [2011–2016]

Additional Information


SUTD 40.570          (Graduate)  Linear Control Systems                                                                

SUTD 40.006          (Undergraduate)  Network Modeling                                                                

SUTD 10.007          (Undergraduate)  Modeling the Systems World, Differential Equations            

SUTD 10.004          (Undergraduate)  Advanced Math II, Linear Algebra & Multivariable Calculus

SUTD 10.001          (Undergraduate)  Advanced Math I, Single Variable Calculus                      

Professional Activities & Leadership

Co-organizer of workshop: Paradigms for Control in Social Systems
Held at the International Conference on Computational Science 2015

Session co-chair at the Conference on Decision and Control 2014, SIAM Control and Its Applications 2013

PC Member              International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2016); Conference on Complex Systems (CCS 2016)

Reviewer                  Conferences:  CDC, ACC, ECC, MSC, etc

IEEE TAC, TCNS, TCAS, TNNLS; Automatica; System & Control Letters
Science; Nature Reviews; Physical Review; Nature Communications
Physica; Scientific Reports; PLOS One; Entropy; Journal of the Franklin Institute


2016 – 2017             J. Ruths, R. Bouffanais, S. Ahipasaoglu, D. Rhodes, D. Hastings, Characterizing and Addressing the Implications of Complexity and Emergence
Singapore Ministry of Defense


2015 – 2019             Co-PI on consortium grant, ASPIRE: Advancing Security of Public Infrastructure using Resilience and Economics
Singapore National Research Foundation


2015 – 2018             Co-PI on consortium grant, DManD: Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre
Singapore National Research Foundation


2015                         J. Ruths, D. Ruths. ICCS Workshop: Paradigms for Control in Social Systems
International Design Center (IDC21500101)


2014 – 2017             E. Kyoseva, J. Ruths, Modular Design Principles for Quantum Devices
International Design Center (IDG31300102)


2014 – 2015             J. Ruths, A. Mathur, G. Sabaliauskaite, Empirical Assessment of Techniques for Detecting and Responding to Sensor Attacks in Cyber Physical System
iTrust (IGDS S14 05011)


2013 – 2015             J. Ruths, Design Principles for Robustly Controllable Networks
International Design Center (IDG31300103)


2011 – 2014             J. Ruths, Computational Methods for Optimal Control of Quantum Systems
Singapore Ministry of Education (SRG 2011010)