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Jonathan Pinckney

Jonathan Pinckney

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Jonathan Pinckney is a political scientist whose research focuses on the intersections of nonviolent resistance, peacebuilding, and democratization.


Professional Preparation

PhD - International Relations, Comparative Politics
University of Denver - 2018
MA - International Studies
University of Denver - 2014


Moral Logics of Support for Nonviolent Resistance: Evidence From a Cross-National Survey Experiment 2023 - Journal Article
When the Levee Breaks: An Ensemble Forecasting Model of Violent and Nonviolent Dissent 2022 - Journal Article
Friday on My Mind: Re-Assessing the Impact of Protest Size on Government Concessions 2022 - Journal Article
Introducing the Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns (ARC) Dataset 2022 - Journal Article
Organizations, Resistance, and Democracy: How Civil Society Organizations Impact Democratization 2022 - Journal Article
Activists Against Autocrats: TSMO Networks and Democracy Diffusion 2021 - Journal Article
Close but not Too Close: Opposition Network Strategy and Democratization in Zambia 2021 - Journal Article
Tangled Up in Blue: The Effect of UN Peacekeeping on Nonviolent Protests in Post-Civil War Countries 2021 - Journal Article