John Sibert

Associate Professor - Chemistry
Tags: Inorganic Organic Chemistry

Professional Preparation

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow
Northwestern University - 1995
Ph.D. - Chemistry
The University of Texas at Austin - 1991
B.S. - Chemistry
University of South Florida - 1986

Research Areas

Research Interests

My research program is centered around the synthesis and coordination chemistry of novel classes of macrocyclic receptors with applications that range from catalysis to medicine to materials science. Specific research areas include:

  • The "Wurster's" Crowns - Redox-Active Macrocyclic Receptors
  • Novel Lipophilic Hosts/Oligomeric Metal Complexes for use in Cancer Therapy/Diagnosis
  • Macrocycle Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry: Organic Host-Guest Systems
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry


Tristani, E. M.; Wirgau, J. I.; Dubay, G. R.; Sibert, J. W.; Crumbliss, A. L. Siderophore-redox active ionophore host-guest assemblies: A prototype for selective metal ion compartmentalization, Inorg. Chim. Acta 2010, 363(13), 3611-3615. 2010 - Publication
Clare, J. P.; Statnikov, A.; Lynch, V.; Sargent, A. L.; Sibert, J. W. Wurster-Type Ureas as Redox-Active Receptors for Anions, J. Org. Chem. 2009, 74, 6637-6646. 2009 - Publication
DeBacker, M.; Hureau, M.; Depriester, M.; Deletoille, A.; Sargent, A. L.; Forshee, P. B.; Sibert, J. W. “On the Oxidation of Wurster’s Reagent and the Wurster’s Crown Analog of 15-Crown-5 in the Presence of Alkali Metal Cations,” J. Electroanal. Chem. 2008, 612, 97-104. 2008 - Publication
Sibert, J. W.; Forshee, P. B.; Hundt, G. R.; Sargent, A. L.; Bott, S. G.; Lynch, V. “Wurster’s Crowns: A Comparative Study of ortho- and para-Phenylenediamine-Containing Macrocyclic Receptors,” Inorg. Chem. 2007, 46, 10913-10925. 2007 - Publication
Sargent, A. L.; Mosley, B. J.; Sibert, J. W. A Theoretical Investigation on the Wurster's Crown Analogue of 18-Crown-6, J. Phys. Chem. A 2006, 110, 3826-3837. 2006 - Publication
Forshee, P. B.; Sibert, J. W. Sodium Amalgam: A Highly Efficient Reagent for the Detosylation of Azathiacrown Ethers, Synthesis 2006, 5, 756-758. 2006 - Publication
Sibert, J. W.; Forshee, P. B.; Lynch, V. Electron Transfer vs. Coordination Chemistry: Isomer-Specific Binding of Hg(II) by an ortho-Wurster's Thiacrown Ether, Inorg. Chem. 2006, 45, 6108-6110. 2006 - Publication
Sibert, J. W.; Forshee, P. B.; Lynch, V. Wurster's Thiacrown Ethers: Synthesis, Properties and Pt(II) Coordination Chemistry, Inorg. Chem. 2005, 44, 8602-8609. 2005 - Publication
Sibert, J. W.; Hundt, G. R.; Sargent, A. L.; Lynch, V. Wurster's crownophanes: an alternate topology for para-phenylenediamine-based macrocycles, Tetrahedron 2005, 61, 12350-12357. 2005 - Publication
Sibert, J. W.; Seyer, D. J.; Hundt, G. R. meta-Wurster's Crowns: The Synthesis and Properties of meta-Phenylenediamine-based Macrocycles, J. Supramol. Chem. 2002, 2, 335-342. 2002 - Publication


Associate Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2006–Present]
Assistant Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2000–Present]
Assistant Professor
East Carolina University [1995–2000]


Academy of Distinguished Teachers Member - UT System
Academy of Distinguished Teachers President - UT System [2017]
Regent's Teaching Award - UT System [2011]
Faculty Teaching Award - School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics [2004]


Wurster's Crowns: The Synthesis and Properties of New Classes of Functional Phenylenediamine-Based Macrocyclic Receptors
2004–2004 Invited Seminar, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Livermore, CA, March 26, 2004
The Synthesis, Properties, and Coordination Chemistry of Wurster's Thiacrown Ethers and Their Acyclic Analogs
2007–2007 S and Se in the SE Symposium, Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Greenville, SC, October 25, 2007, paper 92.
Wurster's Crowns: A New Class of Redox Active Macrocycles
2006–2006 Invited Seminar, Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX, February 3, 2006.
Wurster's Crowns: Structure-Property Relationships within a Class of Redox-Active Macrocycles
2005–2005 Invited Seminar, The University of North Texas, Denton, TX, January 28, 2005.
Wurster's Crowns: A New Class of Redox Active Macrocycles
2005–2005 Invited Seminar, Austin College, Sherman, TX, April 20, 2005.

Additional Information

  • Sibert, John W. "Wurster's Crown Ligands," U.S. Patent 6 262 258, 2001
  • Sibert, John W. "Wurster's Crown Ligands," U.S. Patent 6 441 164, 2002.

News Articles

Two UT Dallas Faculty Members Named Distinguished Teachers
Two faculty members at The University of Texas at Dallas have been inducted into the inaugural class of The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Dr. Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres, professor of economics and dean of undergraduate education, and Dr. John Sibert, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, were among the first 12 individuals chosen to join the new academy, which recognizes outstanding educators at UT’s nine academic institutions. The members of the academy will serve as a system-level advocacy group dedicated to enhancing teaching, fostering innovation in the classroom and promoting interdisciplinary perspectives on education.
Admired Chemistry Prof Wins Presidents Award
In recognition of his skills as an educator and mentor, Dr. John Sibert has received a President’s Teaching Excellence Award. An associate professor of chemistry in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Sibert was selected from among 118 eligible faculty members who were nominated by undergraduate students. The award carries a stipend of $5,000. “In parallel with his extraordinary effort in improving science education, Dr. Sibert has maintained his chemistry research program and continues to train undergraduate and graduate students in his laboratory. We congratulate him,” said Dr. Myron Salamon, dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
Piper Foundation Recognizes Chemistry Professor for Dedication to Teaching
Dr. John Sibert, associate professor of chemistry in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at UT Dallas, has been named a 2015 Piper Professor by the San Antonio–based Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation.
The award, established in 1958 to recognize outstanding college professors across Texas, is made annually to 10 educators to honor their dedication to the teaching profession and for their outstanding academic, scientific and scholarly achievement.


Honors/ Synergistic Activities
  • School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Teacher of the Year" (2003-2004)
  • Alpha Gamma Delta "Teacher of the Year" (2002)
  • UNC Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching (2000)
  • UT-Dallas "Advisor of the Year" (2004-2005 and 2005-2006)
  • Who's Who Among American Teachers & Educators (2006-2007)
  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers (2004-2005), (2006-2007)
  • Who's Who in Sciences Higher Education (2006)
  • Honorary member, Golden Key National Honor Society
  • "Best Class" at UT-Dallas in Texas Monthly 's "2004 Guide to Texas Colleges + Universities"
  • Founder/Organizer/Host of the "Kids in Chemistry" programs at UT-Dallas
  • On-Camera Science Advisor (2004) - channel 8 news (Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate)
  • Featured as "Dr. Slime" in cover story for Nickelodeon's "Slime Across America Tour" (2007)
  • Event Director for Chemistry -Science Olympiad (2007)
  • Selected for the UTD Faculty Spotlight -(April, 2007)
  • Co-Director, GEMS (Gateways to Excellence in Math and Science) Education Plan