Janos Turi

Professor - Mathematical Sciences
Personal Page
Tags: optimal control theory functional differential equations integral equations approximation theory numerical analysis applied functional analysis

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Mathematics
Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University - 1986
M.S. - Electrical Engineering
Polytechnic University of Budapest - 1977
B.S. - Electrical Engineering
Polytechnic University of Budapest - 1975

Research Areas

Current Fields of Interest
  • Functional differential equations
  • Integral equations
  • Approximation theory
  • Optimal control theory
  • Numerical analysis
  • Applied functional analysis
  • Mathematics of finance


State Dependent Regenerative Effect in Milling Processes (with D. Bachraty and G. Stepan), submitted to ASME Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics . forthcoming - Publication
Obtaining the Critical Excitation for Elasto-Plastic Oscillators by Solving an Optimal Control Problem (with A. Bensoussan and K. Chandrasekaran) submitted to Physica D. forthcoming - Publication
Parameter Identification in a Respiratory Control System Model (with F. Hartung), submitted to Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics Biosciences. forthcoming - Publication
Feedback Delays and Advanced Arguments in a Simple Balancing Problem (with T. Insperger , G. Stepan, and R. Wohlfart), submitted to ENOC 2011, Rome, Italy. 2011 - Publication
Equations with Advanced Arguments in a Segway Model (with T. Insperger, G. Stepan, and R. Wohlfart), MaMek 2011, Miskolc, Hungary. 2011 - Publication
Delayed Feedback of Sampled Higher Derivatives (with T. Insperger and G. Stepan), Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., v. 368 (2010), 469-482.  2010 - Publication
On a Class of Partial Differential Equations with Nonlocal Dirichlet Boundary Conditions (with A. Bensoussan), in "Applied and Numerical Partial Differential Equations, Computational Methods in Applied Sciences", v. 15, W. Fitzgibbon, Y.A. Kuznetsov, P. Neittaanmaki, J. Periaux, and O. Pironneau eds., Springer Netherlands, 2010, 9-23.  2010 - Publication
Balancing Using Accelerometers and Equations with Advanced Arguments (with T. Insperger, G. Stepan, and R. Wohlfart), in the Proceedings of the 9th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems, June 7-9, 2010, 6 pages.  2010 - Publication
Optimal Control of Variational Inequalities (with A. Bensoussan and K. Chandrasekaran), Communications in Information and Systems, v. 10, 2010, 203-220 .  2010 - Publication
Motion Control of an Under Actuated Service Robot Using Natural Coordinates (with L. Bencsik, L.L. Kovacs, G. Stepan, and A. Zelei), in "Robot Design, Dynamics and Control (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences)", v. 524, W. Schiehlen and V. Parenti-Castelli eds., Springer Wien New York, 2010.  2010 - Publication


Visiting Professor
Budapest University of Technology [2003–2004]
University of Texas at Dallas [1996–Present]
Visiting Professor
Karl Franzens Universitt [1993–1994]
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1992–1996]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1990–1992]
Research Associate
Virginia Tech [1986–1986]
Assistant Professor
Worcester Polytechnic Institute [1986–1990]
Teaching Assistant & Research Assistant
Virginia Tech [1981–1986]
Polytechnic University, Budapest [1976–1980]


20 Years of Service Award - [2010]

Additional Information

Statements on Accomplishments and Future Plans

Original Investigation
My main research interest is to investigate theoretical and computational issues related to distributed parameter systems (DPSs), i.e., systems governed by PDEs and/or functional integro-differential equations.
I believe that the study of DPSs is a highly active and rapidly growing "mainstream" area in applied mathematics, constantly stimulated by new challanges and opportunities posed by modern science and engineering. Ongoing research in this field is further enhanced by revolutionary advances in instrumentation and computer technology. I am excited about belonging to the group of researchers working on modeling, control, identification, approximation of DPSs using a functional analytic
setting. I have made some contributions in the study of systems modeled by functional differential equations ( delay equations, neutral equations) resulting in several journal articles and Ph.D. dissertations. In general, I would like to claim that my research is problem driven, i.e., motivated by - interesting, "real life", applications and consequently is of some interest of the scientific community.
My current and future plans include the continuation of my work on time-delay systems arising in aeroelasticity, the modeling of human respiration, the control of power systems, and the consideration of other applied mathematics problems.

Teaching is a very important part of academic life. Personally, I am very greatful of having the opportunity to meet young people at various levels of their development and potentially have an impact on their professional cereer. Excellence in teaching is definitely a goal for me, meaning continuous search for finding the best way of presenting the material at hand, to motivate students and to provide the means for them to reach their potential. The fact that mathematics is normally considered a somewhat unfriendly subject by many students makes our task even more challenging, and in case of success more rewarding. It is also clear that the curriculum in mathematics is going through considerable changes at all levels, requiring open mindedness and innovations from everybody involved in the process. I think, I have the skills and the knowledge to be a reasonable teacher at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and I consider myself better than average in advising students in research topics. I also have strong interest in modernizing some of our courses which could include for example better and more extensive use of computers and other technical tools, restructuring course material and shifting the emphasis to creative thinking.

University and Professional Citizenship
At UTD at the departmental level I served as the graduate advisor in applied mathematics for four years and I tried to help our program to recruit and retain good students. I did organize two periods of concentrations in the Distinguished Lecture Series and a workshop and participated many other ways in the activities of the Center for Engineering Mathematics. I acted as a committee member on Ph.D. Dissertation committees in EE and Management and served as the representative of the Graduate Dean on Ph.D. defenses in CS and EE. Overall, I have a strong interest in making UTD a better place and I am willing to do everything what I can to achieve that goal.
In the scientific community I am trying to stay active, going to conferences, giving presentations, doing my share of refereeing and organizing special sessions at international conferences. I have active scientific contacts with researchers in Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Finland, Italy and many states in the US. I believe in the importance of developing a positive image of our university in the US and abroad.

Workshop Participation and Visits to Research Institutes
  • 1987 Short Course on Parallel Computing, ANL Argonne, Illinois, June.
  • 1988 Workshop on Symmetry and Groups in Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, June.
  • 1989 Workshop on New Trends and Application of Distributed Parameter Systems University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August.
  • 1989 NASA Ames - U.C. Berkeley Workshop on Nonlinear Flight Control, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, California, August.
  • 1989 Institut fur Mathematik, Karl-Franzens - Universitat Graz, Graz, Austria, November.
  • 1990 IMA, Period of Concentration on Mathematical Physiology and Differential-Delay Equations, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March--April.
  • 1992 AMS-SIAM Summer Research Conference on Control and Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems, Mt Holyoke College, Massachusetts, July.
  • 1992 IMA Workshop on Flow Control, Minneapolis, Minnesota, November.
  • 1993 Institut fur Mathematik, Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz, Graz, Austria, September--December.
  • 1994 Workshop on Optimal Design and Control, Blacksburg, Virginia, April.
  • 1996 Mathematical Finance Day, Boston University, Boston, MA, March.
  • 1997 Lorentz Center, University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands, October.
  • 1998 Workshop on Mathematical Control Theory, Centro lntemazionale per la Ricerca Matematica, Levico Terme (Trento), Italy, June.
  • 2001 Special Research Center for Optimization and Control, Graz, Austria, June.
  • 2003 IMA-NSF New Directions Short Course on Cellular Physiology, Minneapolis, MN, June.
  • 2003 Special Research Center for Optimization and Control, Graz, Austria, October.
  • 2004 Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, Cachan, France, April.
  • 2005 NSF CBMS research conference on New Perspectives for Boundary Value Problems and Their Asymptotics, UT Pan American, Edingurg, Texas, May.
Research Grants and Contracts
  • 1986--1987 Co-investigator on research projects sponsored by General Dynamics (Electric Boat Division) and United Technologies Corporation.
  • 1987 Principal Investigator on research project sponsored by WPI.
  • 1987--1988 Principal Investigator (with J. H. Kane and S. Saigal) on research project sponsored by Wyman Gordon Company.
  • 1987--1988 Associate Investigator on research project sponsored by DARPA.
  • 1988--1989 Principal Investigator (with S. M. Rankin HI., M. Humi, T. J. Bridges and R. Lui) on NSF Equipment Grant.
  • 1989 Principal Investigator on research project sponsored by WPI.
  • 1989--1990 Principal Investigator on NSF Engineering Initiation Award
  • 1990--1991 Co-Principal Investigator on research project sponsored byAFOSR.
  • 1989--1992 Principal Investigator on research project sponsored by NSF .
  • 1993--1994 Received a one semester visiting professorship from Karl-Franzens-Universitat Graz, Graz, Austria to do research on singular integro-differential equations of neutral type.
  • 1995--1998 Principal Investigator on Cooperative Research Project sponsored by NSF (U.S.-Austria Cooperative Research in Applied Mathematics)
  • 2003-2004 Principal Investigator on research project sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (in the Domus Hungarica Scientiarium et Artium program)
  • 2005-2008 Associate Investigator on research project sponsored by the French Atomic Agency (CEA)