Dr. Janet Johnson

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Tags: Political Science Professional Communication Rhetoric Media Studies new media mass communication Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Journalism Digital Communication Social Media Studies COMM

Professional Preparation

PH.D. - Rhetoric (Political Discourse, Media)
Texas Woman's University - 2010
M.A. - Journalism (Media Studies)
University of North Texas - 2004
B.A. - Broadcast Communication
University of Texas at Arlington - 1995

Research Areas

Political Rhetoric
Social Media
Media Studies
Political Communication
Political Media


Political Rhetoric, Social Media, and American Presidential Campaigns  2020 - Book
Thanks to Social Media, we are in a truth crisis  2019 - publications
Democrats get your story straight! Democrats have to master their storytelling techniques to counteract Trump

2019 - publications
Twitter Bites and Romney: Examining the Rhetorical Situation of the 2012 Presidential Election in 140 Characters 2012 - publications


Review Board
The Journal of Social Media in Society [2012–Present]


Social Media, Political Rhetoric, and Misinformation
2021/07 "21st Century Changemakers: Engaging the Youth in the Battle Against Disinformation"

Presentation prepared for the International Visitor Leadership Program 
The United States Department of State
Keynote speaker for the City of Mesquite: "Positive Social Media"


Student Media Operating Board


"Innovating the Communication Core Curriculum: A Simulated Experiential-Learning Opportunity for Professional and Technical Writing Students through a Collaborative Faculty Initiative from The University of Texas at Dallas and The University of Texas at Arlington."
$12,000 - UT System []
Dr. Christina Montgomery, Dr. Estee Beck, Dr. Melissa-Hernandez-Katz, and Dr. Carie King and I Funding for ECS 3390 Professional and Technical Communication