Jiyoung Park

Jiyoung Park

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Cultural variation in (mal-)adaptiveness of negative emotional states using the social-affective neuroscience approach

Tags: social neuroscience Psychology-Faculty Social psychology cultural psychology affective science

Professional Preparation

PhD - Psychology
University of Michigan - 2012
M.A. - Psychology
Seoul National University - 2006
B.A. - Psychology
Seoul National University - 2004

Research Areas

My overarching research goal is to examine the maladaptiveness of negative emotional states or their potential adaptiveness by including socio-cultural contexts as a critical moderator that determines the meaning and function of each emotion. In this vein, I have pursued three complementary lines of research to examine how socio-cultural conditions, defined by various macro-level variables, including national culture, social status, gender, and race, modulate the (mal-)adaptiveness of various negative emotional states in three domains: (a) biological health, (b) performance motivation, and (c) social functioning. I examine these issues using a cultural affective neuroscience approach by utilizing diverse methods from neuroscience, psychophysiology, and experimental social psychology to understand the neurobiological mechanisms and consequences of emotions within broader social contexts.


How You Talk About It Matters: Cultural Variation in Communication Directness in Romantic Relationships 2022 - Journal Article
Loneliness and immune gene expression in Korean adults: The moderating effect of social orientation. 2021 - Journal Article
Is vicarious stress functionally adaptive? Perspective-taking modulates the effects of vicarious stress on future firsthand stress. 2021 - Journal Article
Strong hearts, open minds: Cardiovascular challenge predicts non-defensive responses to ingroup-perpetrated violence 2021 - Journal Article
Feeling bad is not always unhealthy: Culture moderates the link between negative affect and diurnal cortisol profiles. 2020 - Journal Article


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Society for Personality and Social Psychology