Gity Karami

Gity Karami

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Computer Science Department
+1 (972) 883-4204
ECSS 3.202
Tags: Computer Science

Professional Preparation

Postdoctoral Fellowship - Data Science
Southern Methodist University - 2018
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Computer Science
Southern Methodist University - 2017
Master of Science (MS) - Software Enginerring
Southern Methodist University - 2016
Master of Science (MS) - Information Technology
Shiraz University - 2008
Bachelor of Science (BS) - Software Engineering
Shiraz Azad University - 2001

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Software Testing
  • Software Safety and Reliability
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning


G. Karami and J. Tian, “Maintaining accurate web usage models using updates from activity diagrams,” Information and Software Technology, Vol.96, pp. 68-77, April, 2018 - publications
G. Karami and J. Tian, “Applying Task Models from Human Computer Interaction to Support and Improve Usage Based Statistical Testing for Web Applications,” International Journal of Computers and Their Applications, Vol. 25, No.2, pp. 64-75, June, 2018 (Invited Journal Paper). - publications
G. Karami and J. Tian, “Improving Web Application Reliability and Testing Using Accurate Usage Models,” In: Lee R.(eds) Software Engineering Research, Management, and Application (SERA 2017), Studies in Computational Intelligence (SCI), Vol. 722, Springer, 2018. - publications
G. Karami and J. Tian, “Using Task Models to Maintain Accuracy of Web Usage Models,” in 30th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering (CAINE), 2017. - publications

Additional Information

  • CS 4375    Machine Learning 
  • CS 4337    Organization of Programming Languages
  • CS 4301    Special Topics in Computer Science 
  • CS 3345    Data Structures & Algorithmic Analysis
  • CS 3340    Computer Architecture 
  • CS 1336    Programming Fundamental