Tae Hoon Kim

Associate Professor - Biological Sciences
Tags: Biology Genomics, Systems and Computational Biology Functional Genomics Epigenetics Transcriptional Regulation Innate Immunity Chronic Pain Cancer Genomics ChIP-seq GRO-seq HiC Single Cell Genomics lncRNA biology Enhancer Mechanisms

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Biochemistry
Harvard University - 2002
M.A. - Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard University - 2000
B.A. - Biology
Reed College - 1994

Research Areas

My laboratory has a broad and deep interest in undertanding nuclear processes and mechanisms that segregate, fold and unfold chromosome fibers and disease causing changes that disrupt normal location, arrangement and interpretation of the human genome. Over the past decade and half, we have made seminal discoveries regarding active and poised promoters; sequence determinants of insulator protein CTCF occupancy and evolution; developmentally regulated looping of chromosomes in the human genome; and transcription elongation control mechanisms by innovating and disseminating new functional genomics techniques and approaches. Through close collaborations, we have also uncovered new insights into cis-regulatory architectures of several critical regulators of development and disease. We are leveraging our expertise in functional genomics to investigate diverse aspects of human health and disease ranging from innate immunity to chronic pain.


Global transcriptional activity dynamics reveal functional enhancer RNAs 2018 - Journal Article
Time course ChIP-seq analysis of the human GM12878 lymphoblasts upon Sendai Virus infection 2018 - Data Set
Time course GRO-seq analysis of the human GM12878 lymphoblasts upon Sendai Virus infection 2018 - Data Set
Complementary Wnt Sources Regulate Lymphatic Vascular Development via PROX1-Dependent Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling. 2018 - Journal Article
3C-Based Chromatin Interaction Analyses. 2018 - Journal Article
4C Analysis of 3C, ChIP-Loop, and Control Libraries. 2018 - Journal Article
5C Analysis of 3C, ChIP-Loop, and Control Libraries. 2018 - Journal Article
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Detection of 3C Ligation Products Present in 3C, ChIP-Loop, and Control Libraries: Library Titration and Interaction Frequency Analysis. 2018 - Journal Article
Generation of 3C Libraries from Cross-Linked Cells. 2018 - Journal Article
Generation of ChIP-Loop Libraries. 2018 - Journal Article


Associate Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas [2014–Present]
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
Yale University [2013–2014]
Department of Genetics
Assistant Professor
Yale University [2006–2013]
Department of Genetics
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California at San Diego [2002–2006]
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Teaching Fellow
Harvard University [1998–2002]
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology


Stewart Trust Scholar Award (Pew-Stewart Scholar Award) - [2011]
Sidney Kimmel Scholar Award - [2008]
Rita Allen Scholar Award - [2007]
AACR Edward A. Smuckler Memorial Workshop Scholarship - [2006]
Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association Young Investigator Award - [2006]
James Kerr Award, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, San Diego, CA - [2005]
Selected Participant of International Workshop on Encoding Information in DNA Sequences in Japan - [2005]
Selected Participant of Frontiers of Human Embryonic Stems Cells - [2005]
Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award - [2004]
Distinction in Teaching Award, Harvard University - [2002]