Gregory Dess

Andrew R. Cecil Chair in Applied Ethics
Endowed Chair - Management
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Tags: Organizations, Strategy and International Management

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Business Administration
University of Washington - 1980
Georgia State University - 1976
Georgia Institute of Technology - 1971


Rather than Searching for the Silver Bullet, Use Rubber Bullets: A View on the Research-practice Gap. With L. Markoczy. Journal of Supply Chain Management. Forthcoming. forthcoming - Publication
Idiosyncrasy and the Risk Concept for Entrepreneurs Reconsidered: New Challenges to the Conventional Wisdom. With J. Janney. Journal of Business Venturing. Forthcoming. forthcoming - Publication
Middle Managers in the Strategy Process: Group Affiliation, Structural Holes, and Tertius Gaudens. 2007 National Academy of Management Meetings. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: August 8, 2007. 2007 - Publication
Strategic Management: Text and Cases 4th Edition. With Tom Lumpkin and Alan Eisner. Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2007, 2009 copyright. 2007 - Publication
Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages, 3rd Edition. With Tom Lumpkin and Marilyn Taylor. Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2007, 2009 copyright. 2007 - Publication
Knowledge Management in Technology-focused Firms in Emerging Economies: Caveats on Capabilities, Networks and Real Options. With G. Bruton, and J. Janney. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 46.3 (2007): 115-130. 2007 - Publication
Venture Capitalist Grandstanding Re-visited: Writing Real Options through IPO Underpricing. Proceedings of the 2006 National Academy of Management Meetings. Atlanta, Georgia: August 15, 2006. 2006 - Publication
Stigma and Entrepreneurial Risk Taking. With Ekin Alakent and Naga Lakshmi. Proceedings of the 2006 National Academy of Management Meetings. Atlanta, Georgia: August 14, 2006. 2006 - Publication
The Dynamics of Guanxi in Chinese High-tech Firms: Implications for Knowledge Management and Decision Making. With P. Fu, and A. Tsui. Management International Review. 43.3 (2006): 277-305. 2006 - Publication
The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Stimulating Effective Corporate Entrepreneurship. With G.. Lumpkin. Academy of Management Executive. 19.1 (2005): 147-155. 2005 - Publication


Visiting Professor
Xi'an Jiaotong University [2005–2008]
Visiting Professor
Chinese University of Hong Kong [2004–2004]
Visiting Professor
Chinese University of Hong Kong [2002–2002]
Andrew Cecil Endowed Chair in to present Applied Ethics and Area Coordinator
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–Present]
Visiting Professor
Dartmouth College [2001–2001]
Visiting Professor
Norwegian School of Management [1998–1998]
Professor (with tenure) C.M. Gatton Endowed Chair inLeadership and Strategic Management
University of Kentucky [1996–2002]
Fulbright Lectureship Recipient
University of Porto, Portugal [1994–1994]
Professor (with tenure)
University of Texas at Arlington [1987–1996]
Visiting Associate Professor
Arizona State University [1986–1987]

Additional Information

  • Strategic Management Society
  • Academy of Management
  • Southern Management Association
  • Academy of International Business
  • American Management Association
  • The Fulbright Association
  • “New Approaches to teaching strategy: Time for a change: Vol. II. A Special Development Workshop. A presenter at the 2008 Academy of Management Meetings with Tergesen, Ruhghase, Sherman, Floyd, Ireland, Eden, Ackermann, and Liebl (Anaheim, CA.) August 2008.
  • “Leadership Think Tank: The Questions We Don’t Ask” An All Academy Symposium. Organized by Mary Uhl-Bien with many participants. (Anaheim, CA) 2008.
  • “Time, Cognition, and Action: Developing a multi-level perspective.” A “discussant” in a symposium presentation at the 2007 Academy of Management Meetings with Nadkarni, Blount, Leroy, Mohammed, Barr, and Narayanan (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) August 2007.
  • “New Approaches to teaching strategy: Time for change?” A Special Development Workshop. A presenter at the 2007 Academy of Management Meetings with Terjensen, Huff, Floyd, Johnson, and Sherman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) August 2007.
  • Discussant at the 2007 Academy of Management Meetings. Session on “Dynamic Capability Development” (B.P.S. Division)
  • Discussant at the 2007 Academy of Management Meetings. Symposium on “Time, Cognition, and Action” (MOC, BPS)
  • Discussant at the 2006 Academy of Management Meetings. Session on “Startups, Spinoffs & Corporate Entrepreneurship” (Entrepreneurship Division)
  • Faculty, Entrepreneurship Division Doctoral Consortium. 2006, 2007.
  • Faculty, Entrepreneurship Division New Faculty Consortium. 2006
  • Participant and Presenter in Ernst & Young Seminar at Chinese University of Hong Kong (June, 2004).
  • Discussant at the 2004 Academy of Management Meetings. Session on “Organizational Learning” (New Orleans, LA), August 2004.
  • Presenter at the 2003 Entrepreneurship Doctoral Consortium, Academy of Management meetings (Seattle, Washington), August 2003.
  • Invited presenter during workshop at 2003 Academy of Management meetings entitled “Making do with less: Maximizing productivity in contexts with limited research resources” (Seattle, Washington), August 2003.
  • Invited attendee the 2002 and 2003 Stanford Strategy Conference at Stanford University (Palo Alto, California).
  • Participated as faculty presenter at Doctoral Consortium during Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (Boston, Massachusetts) June 2003.
  • Invited attendee at the S.M.S. mini-conference on strategy process, University of Connecticut, May 2003.

News Articles

Prof Honored for Influential Entrepreneurship Work
While many businesses have come and gone during the last decade, UT Dallas Professor Gregory Dess’ landmark research paper on entrepreneurship has weathered the test of time and laid the groundwork for future research. The Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management awarded Dess, an internationally recognized business strategy expert who holds the Andrew R. Cecil Endowed Chair in Applied Ethics in the School of Management, and co-author Tom Lumpkin the “Foundational Award” at its August IDEA Awards dinner in Chicago. The annual gathering of research pioneers, thought leaders, emerging scholars and top-tier journal editors recognizes entrepreneurial work considered foundational, leading or promising.
Prof Ranks Highly on Elite List of Business Scholars
School of Management Professor Gregory Dess is ranked in the top 50 on a list of scholars who have had the greatest impact on the field of management over that last quarter-century. The rankings appear in a study published in this month’s Journal of Management (Vol. 34, No. 4). The article — “Scholarly Influence in the Field of Management: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Determinants of University and Author Impact in the Management Literature in the Past Quarter Century” — ranks the 150 authors cited most often in scholarly journals from 1981 to 2004.Professor Dess is No. 36. Dess holds the Andrew Cecil Endowed Chair and is an internationally recognized expert in business strategy. In addition to strategic management, his primary research interests center on entrepreneurship and knowledge management.
Business Strategy Expert Dr. Gregory Dess To Join U.T. Dallas' School of Management
 RICHARDSON, Texas (June 13, 2002) - Dr. Gregory G. Dess, an internationally recognized expert on business management strategy, will join the faculty of the School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) this fall.

Dess will become a full professor in the school's organization, strategy and international management area and occupy the prestigious Andrew R. Cecil Endowed Chair.

"Greg Dess is an outstanding addition to a very talented group of faculty members in the School of Management, many of whom have achieved national and international recognition," said Dean Dr. Hasan Pirkul. "We are both fortunate and delighted that he will join us. By recruiting the very best educators and researchers, and offering cutting-edge programs that are responsive to the needs of tomorrow's industry, UTD will continue to deliver high-quality, high-value management education to its students."
Management Profs Earn Distinguished Scholar Awards
Achievements “too remarkable not to honor” have earned two UT Dallas School of Management professors top awards from the Southwest Academy of Management (SWAM).

In bestowing its Distinguished Scholar Award on both Gregory G. Dess, the Andrew R. Cecil Endowed Chair in Applied Ethics, and Mike W. Peng, Provost’s Distinguished Professor of Global Strategy, the academy recognized not only their academic accomplishments but also the impact their work has had on the field of management.

“This is not an award that is given out every year,” said Shawn Carraher, a past president of SWAM and one of the organizers of its annual conference.


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