Gabriele Meloni

Assistant Professor - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tags: Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Inorganic Chemistry

Professional Preparation

Postdoctoral Associate
Aarhus University, Denmark - 2014
Postdoctoral Associate
California Institute of Technology - 2013
PhD - Bioinorganic Chemistry/Biochemistry
University of Zurich, Switzerland - 2008
MS - Biotechnology
University of Milan, Italy - 2002


Fluorescent Functionalization across Quaternary Structure in a Virus-like Particle 2017 - Journal Article
Mammalian metallothionein-3: New functional and structural insights 2017 - Journal Article
A sulfur-based transport pathway in Cu+-ATPases 2015 - Journal Article
Structure and Function of Cu(I)- and Zn(II)-ATPases 2015 - Journal Article
Structure and mechanism of Zn2+-transporting P-type ATPases 2014 - Journal Article
Transmembrane type-2-like Cu2+site in the P1B-3-type ATPase CopB: Implications for metal selectivity 2014 - Journal Article
On allosteric modulation of P-type Cu+-ATPases 2013 - Journal Article
The sixteenth iron in the nitrogenase MoFe protein 2013 - Journal Article
Characterization of the role of etallothionein-3 in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease 2012 - Journal Article
The Catalytic Redox Activity of Prion Protein-Cu II is Controlled by Metal Exchange with the Zn II-Thiolate Clusters of Zn 7Metallothionein-3 2012 - Journal Article


Maximizing Investigators' Research Award - National Institute of General Medical Sciences - NIH [2018]
Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship Award - European Commission [2011]
Fellowship for Prospective Researchers - Swiss National Science Foundation [2009]

News Articles

UT Dallas Chemistry Professors Receive Welch Foundation Grants
Two UT Dallas faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry — Dr. Sheel Dodani BS’07 and Dr. Gabriele Meloni — are recipients of three-year, $195,000 grants from the Welch Foundation to support research geared toward improving the understanding of cellular function.
Grants Maximize the Potential of Pair of Biochemistry Investigations
Dr. Sheel Dodani BS’07 and Dr. Gabriele Meloni, both assistant professors of chemistry at UT Dallas, received the NIH Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award for Early Stage Investigators to support their respective work.