Fred Curchack

Professor - Arts And Humanities

Professional Preparation

M.A. - Theatre Arts
Queens College, New York, Theatre - 1972
B.A. - Theatre Arts
Queens College - 1970
HS - Drama
H.S. of Performing Arts - NY - 1964


Wrote, directed, acted in 78 original plays produced internationally. - publications


Professor of Art and Performance
The University of Texas at Dallas [1986–Present]
Theatre Instructor
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California [1978–1985]
Theatre Instructor
United Nations International School, New York [1974–1976]

Additional Information

TEACHING - Selected Workshops
  •  Professional acting workshops, directorial consultation, and private coaching in creating performances, writing, acting, voice, and movement. 1970-Present.
  •  Theatre workshops. Texas Women’s University. Denton, Texas. 2008.
  •  Workshops in Indian Kathakali, Japanese Noh, and actor's training for Plano East High School and for Lake Highlands Highschool. Plano and Dallas, Texas. 1999-2008.
  •  Theatre workshops. Austin College, Sherman, Texas; Arts Magnet High School, Novato, California; Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2004.
  •  Trained MFA students in Shakespeare, voice, movement, and acting for camera. Directed video of scenes from Shakespeare's, King Lear. Lecture-demonstration on adapting Shakespeare. The International Actors Training Institute at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 2002.
  •  Workshop in creating new work for theater professionals at the Dell'Arte School of Physical Theater, Blue Lake California. 2001.
  •  Workshop for Theater of the Independent Eye. Philadelphia. 1999.
  •  “Contemporary Artists and the Bard.” Performance and talk in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY. 1998.
  •  Workshop at Festival International de Theatre Universitaire. Casablanca, Morocco. 1998.
  •  Coached Erika Batdorf in the development of solo performances, Facing East and Mr. Raisinhead. Boston, Dallas, N.Y.C. 1998, 1997.
  •  Workshop at the Boston Conservatory of Art. 1998.
  •  Workshops and lecture/demonstrations to the MFA students in the International Theatre Training Program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 1998, 1997.
  •  "Discombobulating Shakespeare," a lecture to professors from the California State University system. Cal State, L.A. 1996.
  •  Talk, "Theatre Adaptation." The Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles CA. 1995.
  •  Consultation with Tawfiq Jeballi on adaptation of OTHELLO. El Teatro, Tunis, Tunisia. 1995.
  •  Workshops at the National Theatre of Tunisia; The Theatre du Cygne, Paris; the Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles CA; The MET Theatre, Los Angeles CA; Northeast Movement Theatre Conference, Baltimore MD; Pontine Theatre, Portsmouth NH; Dartmouth College; The University of Memphis. 1995.
  •  Workshop for the National Theatre School; Tunis, Tunisia. 1994.
  •  Playwrights' Horizon - Workshop for professional actors and directors, New York. 1993.
  •  Festival Mundial Teatro de las Naciones - Workshop for professional actors and directors, Santiago, Chile. 1993.
  •  Workshop for National Theatre School - Montevideo, Uruguay. 1993.
  •  Workshop for professional actors, dancers, directors - Synergy Studio, Austin TX. 1993.
  •  Workshop for therapists. City Center Theatre, Oklahoma City OK. 1993.
  •  Noh Space - Workshop for theatre professionals, San Francisco. 1992.
  •  Oklahoma Community Theatre Association - Workshop for theatre professionals, Tulsa. 1992.
  •  Pontine Theatre - Workshop for theatre professionals, Portsmouth, N.H. 1991.
  •  American College Theatre Festival - resident artist, California. 1991.
  •  International Movement Theatre Festival - Workshop in playing comic types. Philadelphia. 1991.
  •  Workshop for Teatro Movimento. Ancona, Italy. 1991.
  •  Workshop for Pontine Theatre. Portsmouth, N.H. 1991.
  •  Elementary school workshops for Young Imaginations. California. 1989-91.
  •  Taught the International Theatre Institute's performance workshop to an international group of professional actors, directors and designers, Berlin. 1987.
  •  Performance and Media workshop in collaboration with film maker Peter Rose, International Festival of Movement Theatre, Philadelphia. 1987.
  •  Solo performance workshop for professional Scandanavian performers, Nordic Theatre Committee, Oslo, Norway. 1987.
  •  Theatre and art workshops for children at Appel Center for the Arts and for ghetto children in Atlantic City through Sharing the Arts, New Jersey. 1987.
  •  Performance workshop for theatre professionals (in French), Quinzaine Internationale du Theatre, Quebec. 1986.
  •  Performance workshop in collaboration with Norwegian director/performer Elsa Kvamme at On the Boards, Seattle. 1986.
  •  Performance workshop for Theatre Pariminou-Montreal (in French). 1986.
  •  Humanities lecture and a television talk with Frederick Turner on The Tempest at the Portland Stage Co., Portland, Maine. 1987.
  •  Organized symposium on Play House at The University of Texas at Dallas. 1987.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, composed music and sound design, Synthesis: An Idiot's Guide to Death and Rebirth Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2010
  •  Performed role of Nagg in Samuel Beckett's Endgame. Undermain Theatre, Dallas. 2010.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, composed music and performed (with Laura Jorgensen) The Great Eastern Sun Trilogy – excerpts from: Milarepa, Monkey: The Quest to the West, and Noh: Angels, Demons and Dreamers In celebration of UTD's 40th Anniversary, University of Texas at Dallas. 2009.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed in Sacred Laughter, commedia vignettes (for 5 actors) accompanying Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle with the Arts District Chorale. Dallas Museum of Art. 2009.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, composed music and performed (with Laura Jorgensen), Milarepa. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2009. Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas. 2010.
  •  Wrote, directed, composed music, and performed (with Laura Jorgensen), Monkey: The Quest to the West. Adaptation of The Journey to the West. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California; Undermain Theatre, Dallas, Texas; Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas, Sixth Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa, California. 2008. Green Gulch Farm of the S.F. Zen Center. 2009.
  •  Four Shakespeare Adaptations. Lecture-demonstration at the Bristol Repertory Theatre, Bristol, Pennsylvania. 2008.
  •  Wrote and directed student ensemble version of Monkey: The Quest to the West. The University of Texas at Dallas. 2008.
  •  Directed opera, La Curandera by Robert Xavier Rodriguez. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2007.
  •  Wrote adaptations, directed, composed music, and performed (with Laura Jorgensen), Noh: Angels, Demons & Dreamers. Adaptations of five Japanese Noh plays and Kyogen. “Top Ten of 2007” – The Dallas Morning News. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California; NohSpace, San Francisco; The Dance Palace, Point Reyes, California; Undermain Theatre, Dallas. 2007.
  •  Wrote, composed music, and performed, Freddy's Chicken Gumbo. An evening of original songs. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2006.
  •  Wrote, made video, and directed student ensemble version of An American Dream Play, adapted from Strindberg's, A Dream Play. The University of Texas at Dallas. 2006.
  •  Wrote, directed, made video, and performed duo version (with Laura Jorgensen) of An American Dream Play, adapted from Strindberg's, A Dream Play. Cinnabar Theatre, Petaluma, California. 2006.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed, Sexual Myth-Stories. Scenes from: Orpheus in Hollywood; Live Love Acts; Dionysos Does Dallas. Collaboration with Laura Jorgensen. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2005.
  •  Narrated The Dot and the Line, a concert with Voices of Change. World Premiere of music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez, text by Norton Juster. The University of Texas at Dallas. 2005.
  •  Wrote, directed, composed music, made video, performed, Golden Buddha Beach. Collaboration with Laura Jorgensen. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. 2004 - 2005.
  •  Performed in The Prayers of Dallas by Frederick Turner. The University of Texas at Dallas. 2004.
  •  Wrote (adapted texts by Gauguin), made video and directed ensemble production, Gauguin's Paradise. University of Texas at Dallas. 2004.
  •  Wrote (adapted texts by Gauguin), directed, made video, and performed solo, Gauguin's Shadow. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California; The Marsh, San Francisco, California; Undermain Theater, Dallas; Austin College; Palace Theatre, Hilo, Hawaii; Performance International Conference, Brown University. "Best New Play" -- Dallas/Fort Worth Theatre Critics Forum; "Top Ten of 2004" -- Dallas Morning News. 2003 - 2005.
  •  Revised and performed Stuff As Dreams Are Made On. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, Ca. 2003.
  •  Narrated Master Peter's Puppet Show by Manuel de Falla. With Robert Xavier Rodriguez and Musica Nova. The University of Texas at Dallas. 2003.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed solo, Dionysos Does Dallas: A Geek Tragedy. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California; Avenue Arts Venue, Dallas; Watertower Theatre, Addison, Texas; Klotz-Sirmon Gallery, New York. 2002 - 2003.
  •  Ongoing performances by Daniel Stein of Windowspeak. Director and co-creator. Longwood University; Purdue University. 2003 - 2004.
  •  Ongoing performances by Robert Smythe and Daniel Stein of Measuring Man (on Leonardo da Vinci). Director and co-creator. Baltimore Theatre Project. 2003 -2005.
  •  Directed and co-wrote scenario of Mozart's Pantomime for Commedia Dell'Arte. Played role of Pantalone. With Robert Xavier Rodriguez. World Premiere at UTD. 2002.
  •  Directed opera Don Pasquale by Donizetti. Cinnabar Opera Theater, Petaluma, California. 2002.
  •  Reworked and performed What Fools These Mortals Be, a solo adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  •  Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, California. Also featured at the Unima (International Puppetry Association) Conference at the Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta. 2002.
  •  Directed Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Played Oberon. World Premiere of incidental music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez. University of Texas at Dallas. 2002.
  •  Narrated "Song of Songs" by Robert Xavier Rodriguez, with Musica Nova. UTD. 2002.
  •  Directed video scenes from Shakespeare's King Lear. International Actor Training Program (MFA), University of Tennesse at Knoxville. 2002.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed solo, Glimpsings. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, Ca.; Undermain Theater, Dallas. 2001-2002.
  •  Played all the roles in Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale with Robert Xavier Rodriguez and Musica Nova. UTD. 2001.
  •  Directed and edited two half-hour videos of Bakkhai and Lear's Shadow. The Dallas Video Festival at the Dallas Theater Center. 2001.
  •  Directed Euripides' Bakkhai. Played role of Kadmos. World premiere of a new translation by Reginald Gibbons (Oxford University Press). The University of Texas at Dallas. 2001.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed (with Shannon Kearns), Lear's Shadow. The MAC, Dallas; Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma CA. 2000.
  •  Co-created and directed Measuring Man. Performed by Daniel Stein and Robert Smythe. Dell'Arte Theater, Blue Lake CA.; Mum Puppet Theatre, Philadelphia; national tour. 2000.
  •  Acted a lead role (the Devil), danced, built and operated puppets, and sang with the San Antonio Symphony in the world premiere of The Last Night of Don Juan. Music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez, texts by Murray Ross (adapted from Edmund Rostand). Majestic Theatre, San Antonio. 2000.
  •  Narrated The Nightingale with Voices of Change. Music by Theo Loevendie. UTD. 2000.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed solo, Live Love Acts. Undermain Theatre, Dallas. 2000. Cinnabar Theater. 1999.
  •  Video retrospective of nine solo performances. Dallas Video Festival at the Dallas Theater Center. 2000. Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas. 1999.
  •  Directed, designed, shot, edited video, composed music, and performed solo, Hamet: Carnal, Bloody, & Unnatural Acts. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma CA.; Dallas Video Festival at the Dallas Theater Center. 1999.
  •  Directorial Consultant for Theater of the Independent Eye's production, Innana. Philadelphia. 1999.
  •  Narrated The Song of Songs by Robert Xavier Rodriguez. Petaluma Music Festival. Petaluma, California. 1999.
  •  Reworked Stuff As Dreams Are Made On for children and performed it at the Seattle International Children's Festival. 1999.
  •  Video performance of role of Macheath in scenes from The Beggar's Opera and commedia scenes in Musica Nova concert. UTD. 1999.
  •  Read original stories, poems, and songs. Presented by Wordspace at the Dallas Institute for the Humanities. 1999.
  •  Performed a retrospective of original performances and works by Shakespeare, Blake, Brecht, and Yeats. UTD. 1998.
  •  Directed, shot, edited feature-length video, The Secret Life of UTD. The University of Texas at Dallas. 1998.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, shot, and edited video for new solo A Surprise Party. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma CA.; Dallas Theater Center (The Dallas Video Festival); The Dallas Institute for the Humanities; University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 1997 - 1998. Received the Dallas Theatre Critics' Forum's “Outstanding Performance Award.”
  •  Directorial Consultant to Erika Batdorf's solo performances Facing East, and Mr. Raisinhead. New York Fringe Festival and tour. 1998.
  •  Wrote and performed Orpheus in Hollywood: a Myth Mash. (Solo version) The MAC, Dallas; Cinnabar Theater, CA. 1997. Chosen for “Top Ten of 1997" by the Dallas Morning News.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed Multiple Climaxes. El Teatro, Tunis, Tunisia. 1997.
  •  Directed, shot, and edited feature-length video, Orpheus in Hollywood. The University of Texas at Dallas. 1997.
  •  Performed video of To Have Done with the Judgement of God by Antonin Artaud. Undermain Theater. 1997.
  •  Shot and edited videos and directed concert by "Cafe Noir." The University of Texas at Dallas. 1997.
  •  Wrote, directed, composed music, and performed ISSAC and ISHMAEL: A Biblical Debacle, (an Arab-Jewish Music Summit) in collaboration with percussionist/actor Jamal Mohamed. The MAC. 1996.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, composed music, made video, and performed The Comeback of Freddy Chickan at Cinnabar Theater, California; Smokebrush Theatre, Colorado Springs; and at The MAC, Dallas. The Dallas Morning News critic Lawson Taitte reviewed the work, calling Mr. Curchack a "theatrical genius...supremely talented artist." 1996.
  •  Conceived and directed The Making of the American Entertainment Industry's Tribute to Freddy Chickan. The University of Texas at Dallas. 1996.
  •  Associate Director/Visual Effects Designer for The Wanderings of Odysseus, a theatrical adaptation of The Odyssey, in collaboration with translator Alan Mandelbaum and actor/playwright John O'Keefe. Smokebrush Theatre, Colorado Springs. 1996.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, and performed in ABEL AND CAIN: A Biblical Debacle in collaboration with Daniel Stein. Odyssey Theater, LA; Pontine Theater, Portsmouth NH; Carthage International Theater Festival, Tunis, Tunisia; MidAtlantic Movement Theatre Festival, Baltimore MD. 1995.
  •  Created THE SHOW: a Metatheatrical Hodgepodge. The University of Texas at Dallas. 1995.
  •  Sang roles of Witch and Sailor in Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. Conducted by Robert Xavier Rodriguez with principal singers from the Dallas Opera. The University of Texas at Dallas. 1995.
  •  Wrote, directed, performed HEDDY and TEDDY: a closet drama. Wordfire Festival, New York; Henry Street Settlement, New York; Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma CA; Zachary Scott Theater, Austin TX. 1993.
  •  Created and performed HEDDY and TEDDY: a closet drama., a solo children's performance tour of the Virginia Museum of Art, Richmond. 1993.
  •  Played lead role in world premiere of Caesar, adapted from Shakespeare and directed by Charles Marowitz. Humboldt State University CA. 1993.
  •  Created and performed The Land of Dreams, a solo for children. Dell'Arte Theatre, Blue Lake CA. 1993.
  •  Conceived and directed Art-O-Rama #3: THE NEW WORLD/THE NEW WING, a performance tour of the Dallas Museum of Art's new Art of the Americas wing. Workshop with UTD students. 1993.
  •  Collaborated with Lee Murray on video documentary of the process of creating FAMILY VALUES: A Closet Drama at UTD. KERA-TV and KDTN-TV, Dallas TX. 1993-94.
  •  Performed with music ensemble Voices of Change, narrating Robert Xavier Rodriguez's Song of Songs from a story by Sholem Aleichem. The University of Texas at Dallas, 1992; Temple Shalom concert and studio recording of CD. 1994; Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma Ca. 1999.
  •  Wrote, directed, composed music, made inter-active video, and performed scenes, songs, and dances from THE SEXUAL MYTHOLOGY TRILOGY. Cinnabar Theatre; Petaluma, Ca. 1993.
  •  Conceived and directed FAMILY VALUES: A Closet Drama with students at The University of Texas at Dallas. 1992.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, performed WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE -- Shakespeare's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM re-visioned. International tour. Dallas Critics' "Outstanding Performance Award." Hensen International Puppetry Festival, New York Public Theater. 1992 - present.
  •  Performed in Memory and Desire - A Theatre Marathon directed by Arthur Pellman. Seattle. 1992.
  •  Made 26 minute video version of Sexual Mythology part 3: HEAVEN -or- The Big Talk Show for PBS-TV (KERA) show "Mind's Eye.: Dallas. 1992.
  •  Performed excerpts from WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE on PBS-TV (KQED) show "Q." San Francisco. 1992.
  •  Wrote and performed three radio spots for the Sonoma County Fair (aired on 15 S.F. Bay Area stations). 1992.
  •  Performed in radio play The Girl With No Name by Peter Rose. National Public Radio, Philidelphia. 1992.
  •  Conceived and directed ART-O-RAMA with students from The University of Texas at Dallas. The Dallas Museum of Art. 1991.
  •  Conceived, directed, designed, videotaped and edited, and performed Sexual Mythology part 3: HEAVEN -or- The Big Talk Show, with John O'Keefe, Cecile Pineda, Peter Rose, Frederick Turner; music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez. International tour. 1991.
  •  Wrote, directed, designed, and performed solo, Sexual Mythology part 2: PURGATORY. National tour. 1989-91.
  •  Recorded a story, song, and poem on an album (CD and cassette) for children. Benefit for Young Imaginations (arts education program); ("Children's Album of the Year," Parents' Choice Magazine). 1991.
  •  Conceived and directed Isadora, a dance-theatre performance by Ellen Forman. Philadelphia. 1990.
  •  Performed segment of Stuff As Dreams Are Made On for Alive from Off-Center. PBS (national television). 1990.
  •  Conceived and directed Sexual Mythology part 2: PURGATORY (ensemble version) music by Robert X. Rodriguez. The University of Texas at Dallas. 1989.
  •  Wrote and performed Sexual Mythology part 1: THE UNDERWORLD, an ensemble music-theatre piece. Music by Robert X. Rodriguez and Jim Kohn. Theatre Garage, Dallas; Theatre Project, Baltimore; International Movement Theatre Festival, Philadelphia. 1989.
  •  Co-created and directed Windowspeak with Daniel Stein, music by John Welstead. Created at U.T.D., followed by international tour. 1989.
  •  Conceived and performed Legacy, a site-specific performance on the 25th anniversary of the assassination of J.F.K. at the Texas Theater, Dallas (where Oswald was apprehended) with Daniel Stein and Peter Rose. 1989.
  •  Directorial consultant for dance-theatre performance Bread by Ellen Forman and the South Street Dance Company. International Movement Theatre Festival, Philadelphia. 1989.
  •  Wrote adaptation and performed Chekhov's The Harmfulness of Tobacco. Palace Theatre, Petaluma, California; Theatre Garage, Dallas. 1988.
  •  Directed and performed new version of solo Fred Breaks Bread with the Dead - fragments of a lost repertoire. Theatre Garage, Dallas. 1988.
  •  Performed (and wrote, directed, composed music and designed) Inquest for Freddy Chickan International Theatre Festivals in the U.S., Canada, Berlin, national tour. 1987-1988.
  •  Directed Chekhov's Uncle Vanya at the Dallas Theatre Center, with dramaturg Robert Corrigan and designer Eugene Lee. 1988.
  •  Wrote, composed, sang, played guitar and recorded Sexual Mythology, an album of original songs. Performed live at Club DaDa, Dallas. 1988.
  •  Ongoing collaboration with film/video artist Peter Rose on creating and recording audio and video pieces. 1987-present.
  •  Directed Uncle Vanya at U.T.D. Collaborated with Robert Corrigan in teaching Chekhov seminar. 1987.
  •  Conceived and directed Play House at The University of Texas at Dallas. 1987.
  •  Directed America I Love You - an opera of e.e. cummings poems. Workshop with Cinnabar Opera Theatre, Petaluma, California. 1986.
  •  Directed, sang,and improvised with "Totem" - a new music quintet. Performances in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1984-1986.
  •  Conceived and directed Party at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California. 1985.
  •  Conceived and directed Cinnabar Time Voyagers with 30 children, grades K-6. Cinnabar School, Petaluma. 1984.
  •  Created and performed PROJECT JOB: A Biblical Debacle. Collaboration with Zbigniew Cynkutis, director and actor from Grotowski's Polish Theatre Laboratory and Stephen Rappaport, Intersection, San Francisco and tour. 1984.
  •  Performed all male voices and narration of The Postman Always Rings Twice by James Cain. Read Wounds in the Rain stories by Stephan Crane. Book of the Road, Tape Book Co. 1985.
  •  Directed, adapted,and performed Dickens' A Christmas Carol and Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales. Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma. 1983.
  •  Wrote, designed,and performed Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, Shakespeare's The Tempest, changed "into something rich and strange." Performed internationally. 1983-Present.
  •  Wrote and directed PARROT ISLAND: A Nuclear Opera in collaboration with the Cinnabar Opera Theatre, Petaluma. 1983.
  •  Directed and performed in A Gathering of Clowns, conceived with Raymond Burr as part of a 5 year theatre training program. Sonoma State University. 1983.
  •  Directed and performed FRED BREAKS BREAD WITH THE DEAD: Fragments of a Lost Repertoire. Adaptations from Shakespeare, Beckett, Blake, Joyce, Yeats, Zeami, Brecht, O'Neill, the Old Testament. National Tour. 1982-Present.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed Incarnation. National tour. 1982.
  •  Directed a movement-theatre adaptation of Stravinski's Les Noces with live music. Sonoma State University. 1982.
  •  Performed Beckett's Cascando. 1981-Present.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed in The Birds, a musical-comedy adaptation of Aristophanes' The Birds and Lysistrata. Leavenworth Theatre, S.F. and SSU. 1980-81.
  •  Conceived and directed IN TENTS: A Play About a Group That Goes into the Wilderness to Create a Play About a Group that Goes Into the Wilderness to Create. . . Lost Valley, Big Sur, and SSU. 1980.
  •  Conceived, directed, and performed in The Mental Traveller, adapted from William Blake. Collaboration with Laura Jorgensen and Jim Bryant. The Performance Space, S.F. and Cinnabar Theatre, Petaluma. 1980.
  •  Conceived and directed The Young Man Who Gave the King's Daughter the Power of Speech--or--The Singing Cock, a musical adapted from a folk tale. SSU. 1979.
  •  Directed CUCHULAIN: Three Plays by W.B. Yeats. The Performing Space, S.F., and SSU. 1979.
  •  Conceived and directed All Hallows' Eve. The Performance Space, S.F., SSU, and Bay Area tour. 1978.
  •  Conceived, directed, and performed Duo with Joya Cory and Motion: the Women's Performance Collective. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, S.F. 1978.
  •  Directed and performed Hamlet Kathakali and Shunkan in Exile, a Noh play. National tour. 1977-1982.
  •  Choreographed and performed in Oedipus the King adapted by Anthony Burgess. The Stage Company, New York. 1976.
  •  Performance/demonstrations with Krishnan Nambudiri of Kathakali: South Indian dance-theatre. LaMaMa, NY, and east coast tour. 1975-76.
  •  Wrote and directed Ain't It the Truth and directed Spoon River Anthology with the J.S.P.O.A. Players. Toured New York City Senior Citizen Centers with a company of seniors. 1974-75
  •  Co-wrote and performed in Solaris - a dance-theatre collaboration with the Philadelphia Composers' Forum. Dance Theatre Lab, New York. 1974-75.
  •  Directed, composed music, and performed in W.B. Yeats' Purgatory. The Space for Innovative Development, New York, east coast tour. 1974.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed An Evening of NOH. Japan Society, New York, Boston Center for the Arts. 1974.
  •  Performed in Pining Wind. Centrifugal Theatre Co., New York. 1973.
  •  Wrote and directed EXORCISE IN LOVE AND WAR: a Blind Man's Song. Queensborough College, New York. 1973.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed The Garden of the Sightless Stones. Performance/lectures for Japanese artists in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan. 1972.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed in Jongleurs. Queens College and New York City tour. 1972.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed in The Dance of Life and Breath. Toured New York City Junior High Schools. 1971.
  •  Wrote, directed, and performed in Dream of Danang. LaMaMa Experimental Theater Co., New York. 1968.
  •  Played Estragon in Waiting for Godot and Stephan Dedalus in Ulysses in Nighttown. Queens College, New York. 1967-68.
  •  Wrote, directed and performed in Metaphysics in Mecklenberg Street or The Head. Queens College, New York. 1968.
  •  Received the American Theater Wing Award for Design for Stuff As Dreams Are Made On. 1990.
  •  Designed and built sets, masks, puppets, costumes, lights, and made videos for: Synthesis: An Idiot’s Guide to Death and Rebirth; Milarepa; Monkey: The Quest to the West; NOH: Angels, Demons & Dreamers; An American Dream Play; Golden Buddha Beach; Gauguin's Shadow; Dionysos Does Dallas; Glimpsings; Lear's Shadow; Live Love Acts; The Last Night of Don Juan; Hamlet: Carnal, Bloody, & Unnatural Acts; The Secret Life of UTD; A Surprise Party; Orpheus in Hollywood (live and video versions); The Comeback of Freddy Chickan; The Making of the American Entertainment Industry’s Tribute to Freddy Chickan; The Wanderings of Odysseus; ABEL & CAIN: A Biblical Debacle; THE SHOW: A Metatheatrical Hodgepodg; HEDDY & TEDDY: A Closet Drama; What Fools These Mortals Be; FAMILY VALUES: A Closet Drama; Sexual Mythology part 3: HEAVEN, part 2: PURGATORY, part 1: The UNDERWORLD; Inquest for Freddy Chickan; Project Job; A Christmas Carol; Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, Fred Breaks Bread with the Dead; Incarnations; In Tents. . .; The Mental Traveller; The Singing Cock; All Hallows' Eve; Hamlet Kathakali, Shunkan, Ain't It the Truth?, Purgatory; Exorcise in Love and War. . ., The Dance of Life and Breath, Dream of Danang; Metaphysics in Mecklenberg Street.
  •  Designed and developed theatre facility at the United Nations International School - including modular stage, acoustic curtains, seating, lighting system, scene shop. Helped write several successful grant proposals. 1974-1976.
  •  Assisted in construction of 300-seat theatre, including stage, seating, lighting system at The Space for Innovative Development, New York. 1973-1974.
  •  Assisted in the construction of an authentic Noh Stage at the Kita Noh Institute of America, Boston. 1972.
  •  New York Shakespeare Festival Mobile Theatre. Tech crew, toured New York City parks. 1964.

News Articles

Fred Curchack to perform Through Roses at the University of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas at Dallas genius-in-residence Fred Curchack will be featured in an exciting-sounding show at the school at 8 p.m. on March 30. Through Roses is a music drama for actor and eight instruments by composer Mark Neikrug. (We used to hear more about the composer years ago when his frequent duet partner Pinchas Zukerman was principal guest conductor at the Dallas Symphony.) Through Roses is about a violinist who survived the Holocaust. The former concertmaster and founder of the splendiferous Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Guillermo Figueroa, will conduct the performers, many of whom are prominent DSO members. Horn player Gregory Hustis will also perform Simon Sargon’s The Weeping Shofar and the Clavier Trio will play Aaron Copland’s Vitebsk. Pretty much anything Curchack does is worth watching. He projects a kind of hypnotic power — and this is a rare opportunity to see him performing something he didn’t write himself. Call 972-883-2552 or click here for tickets.
Drama Professor Fred Curchack Reigns on Stage as King Lear
UT Dallas drama professor Fred Curchack is starring in the titular role of Shakespeare Dallas’ production of “King Lear” alongside teaching courses on performing the English playwright’s works.
Curchack knows the play inside and out. Having already experienced it in every medium, Curchack has taught the subject matter to undergraduate and graduate students, and he also wrote and produced a two-person play based on the work, “Lear’s Shadow,” in 2000.  But this will be his first time acting in the original play.
Drama Professor Turns Inspiring Trip to Spanish Palace into New Play
Last May, drama professor Fred Curchack embarked on a dream vacation through Spain with his wife and two friends. When they visited a beautiful palace, inspiration struck the internationally acclaimed actor and playwright. 

The building — The Alhambra — is a massive Moorish fortress sitting atop a hill in the south of Spain that gave Curchack the setting for his new play, which will make its premiere Thursday at University Theatre.
“I had never considered writing a play about Spain, but when we finally visited this sublime palace, I was hit with a lightning bolt,” Curchack said. 


National Endowment for the Arts and Guggenheim Fellowship (1991-92)
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