J. Michael Farmer

Associate Professor - Arts And Humanities

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Chinese Literature
University of Wisconsin-Madison - 2001
M.A. - Chinese Literature
University of Wisconsin-Madison - 1996
M.A. - History (China)
University of Wisconsin-Madison - 1994
B.A. - Oriental and African Languages & Literature
University of Texas-Austin - 1992

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Cultural, intellectual, and literary history of early medieval China (late Han-mid-Tang)
  • Early Chinese historiography and historical narrative
  • Local history/historiography (especially Sichuan)
  • Records of the Three States. Records of the States South of Mt. Hua
  • Early medieval poetry
  • Women in traditional China
  • Silk Roads/Old World Encounters
  • World History/Women in World History


“Scholarship in Shu,” [introduction and translation] in Robert F. Campany, Wendy Swartz, and Lu Yang eds., Early Medieval China: A Sourcebook (publisher not determined), forthcoming. Forthcoming - Publication
“Huayang guo zhi” [The Records of the States South of Mount Hua], [bibliographic essay] in Albert Dien, ed., Six Dynasties Handbook (publisher not determined), forthcoming. Forthcoming - Publication
Zhang Hua, and Zuo Si, in Dictionary of Literary Biography: Classical Chinese Writers, v. 1, The Pre-Tang Era (Columbia, South Carolina: Bruccoli Clark Layman, 2010). 2010 - Publication
Translation of “The Memoir of General Wei (and Huo-ch’-ping) [General of] Agile Cavalry” [Chapter 111 of Sima Qian’s Shih chi], in William H. Nienhauser, Jr., ed., The Grand Scribe’s Records, vol. 9 (Bloomigton: Indiana University Press, 2010). 2010 - Publication
“Rotten Pedant! The Literary and Historical Afterlife of Qiao Zhou,” Asia Major 3 ser. 20.2 (2008): 59–99. 2008 - Publication
A Person of the State Composed a Poem: Poetry of Praise and Blame in the Huayang guo zhi. Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, and Reviews 29 (December 2007). 2007 - Publication
Yang Yan: The Prime Empress Yang of Emperor Wu of jin, Yang Zhi: The Grievous Empress Yang of Emperor Wu ofjin,and jia Nanfeng: Empress of Emperor Hui of jin, in Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women (Armonk: ME Sharpe), 2007. 2007 - Publication
The Talent of shu : Qiao zhou and the Intellectual World ofEarly Medieval Sichuan SUNY Press. Forthcoming Ouly 2007). 2007 - Publication
Review of Six Dynasties Civilization by Albert Dien, in Journal of the American Oriental Society 127.3 (2007): 397– 400. 2007 - Publication
The Three Chaste Ones of Ba: Local Perspectives on the Yellow Turban Rebellion on the Chengdu Plain. Journal ofthe American Oriental Society 125.2 (April-june 2005). 2005 - Publication


Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2009–Present]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2007–2009]
Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Utah [2005–2006]
Assistant Professor
Brigham Young University [2002–2007]
University of Colorado at Boulder [2000–2001]
University of Wisconsin-Madison [1999–1999]
Beloit College Center for Language Studies [1994–1994]


Subject of Shu/Prophet ofJin: AReexamination of the Political Prophesies of Qiao zhou
2005–2005 Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Western Branch of the American Oriental Society, Tempe, Arizona,4 November, 2005.
Why Ancient History Matters: Pre-Modern China and the East Asian Civilizations Curriculum
2008–2008 Paper presented at Eastfield College Asian Studies Symposium, Mesquite, Texas, October 2008.
"A Jade Pure, Frosty and Clear: Redefining Female Chastity in Early Medieval Sichuan"
2010–2010  Presented in the Franklin D. Murphy Lecture Series, Kress Foundation Department of Art History, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 4 March 2010.
Rhetoric and Genre in "Discourse on Enemy States"
2000–2000 Paper presented at Annual Meeting of American Oriental Society, Portland, Oregon, March, 2000.
Reviewing Translations of Classical Chinese Texts
2007–2007 Panel presentation. Annual Conference of the American Literary Translators Association, Richardson, Texas, 8 November 2007.

Additional Information

  • "Introduction to Chinese Civilization"
    • UW Chancellor's Office Speaker's Program.
    • Multi-media presentation to students ofMt. Horeb High School, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, November, 1999.
  • "Chinese New Year"
    • UW East Asian Studies Program Outreach.
    • Multi-media presentation to residents of Leader Nursing Home and students at Stephens Elementary School, Madison, Wisconsin, February 1996; February 1997; and January 1998. Also presented to employees of Oscar Mayer Foods, Madison, Wisconsin,January, 1995.
  • "Three Schools of Chinese Thought"
    • UW East Asian Studies Program Outreach.
    • Lecture presented to social studies class at Oregon High School, Oregon Wisconsin, November, 1996.

University of Texas at Dallas

  • Inclusive Faculty Teaching Award, Oce of Diversity and Community Engagement, 2011. 
American Philosophical Association 
  • Franklin Research Grant, 2011.

Brigham Young University

  • College of Family, Home, and Social Science Faculty Research Grant, 2003; 2005.
  • Women's Research Institute Faculty Research Grant, 2003

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • University Fellowship, Fall 2000.
  • Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship, January-August 2000.
  • UW Graduate Student Council Professional Development Scholarship, 1999.
  • Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Spring 1998.
  • Travel support from Starr Foundation fund, East Asian Languages &Literature, 1998.
  • Research support from Starr Foundation fund, East Asian Languages &Literature, Fall 1998.
  • Midwest Conference of Asian Affairs, Percy Buchanan Graduate Prize; Awarded for best research paper in China and Inner Asia area, 1998.
  • Research support from Starr Foundation fund, East Asian Languages &Literature, Fall 1997.
  • Chow Tse-tsung Scholarship for Chinese Studies, 1997.
  • University Fellowship, 1995-96.
  • History Department Fellowship, Fall 1993.
  • Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, 1992-93.

University of Texas-Austin

  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1992.
  • Phi Kappa phi Honor Society, 1992.
  • Special Honors in Chinese, 1992.
  • Program Assistant. UW East Asian Studies Program, Academic years and summers 1995-98.
  • Advised undergraduate East Asian Studies majors. Created and maintained electronic communications network including e-mail distribution lists and website. Designed and produced newsletter and promotional materials. Provided general support to program chair.


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