Euel Elliott

Professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Political Economy
Tags: Political Science Social Data Analytics and Research Public Policy Political Economy

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Political Science
Duke University - 1987
M.A. - Political Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - 1982
M.A. - Psychology
Radford University - 1976
B.A. - Economics and Political Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - 1973


Money.Mark Dobeck and Euel Elliott.Westport, CT and London: Greenwood Press, 2007. 2007 - Publication
Beyond Gratz and Grutter: Prospects for Affirmative Action in the Aftermath of the Michigan Decision Euel Elliott and Andrew Ewoh Review of Policy Research, 22: 541-553. 2005 - Publication
The 2004 General Election: Texas Gregory Thielemann and Euel Elliott. American Politics Research. (forthcoming 2005) 2005 - Publication
Gender and The Political Economy of Presidential Approval.Mike Ault, Harold D. Clarke, Marianne Stewart, Euel Elliott. British Journal of Political Science (February 2005): 35:31-51. 2005 - Publication
A Complex Systems Approach for Developing Public Policy Toward Terrorism: An Agent-Based Approach. Euel Elliott and L. Douglas Kiel. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (2004) 20: 63-68. 2004 - Publication
A Spatial Analysis of County-level Outcomes in U.S. Presidential Elections: 1988-2000. Jeong Dai Kim, Euel Elliott and Ding Ming Wang. Forthcoming, Electoral Studies (November 2003). 22:741-761 2003 - Publication
Separation of Powers and Democratic Equity in the 2000 Presidential Election Andrew Ewoh, Euel Elliott and James Guseh. Forthcoming, Public Integrity (summer 2002). 2002 - Publication
The Dimensions of Government Inaction on Smoking Policy: A Comparative Study of the United States and Korea. Song June Kim and Euel Elliott. Korean Social Science Journal (2002) 29 2002 - Publication
Nonlinear Dynamics, Complexity and Public Policy. Euel Elliott and L. Douglas Kiel Connack, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2000. 2000 - Publication
The Evolution of an Issue: The Rise and Decline of Affirmative Action Euel Elliott and Andrew Ewoh. Policy Studies Review 17:212-237, June 2000. 2000 - Publication


Senior Associate Dean
University of Texas at Dallas [2007–Present]
Associate Dean for Graduate Education
University of Texas at Dallas [2003–2005]
University of Texas at Dallas [1999–Present]
Director of Graduate Studies
University of Texas at Dallas [1998–2003]
Director of Master of Public Affairs (MPA) Program
University of Texas at Dallas [1996–1998]
Visiting Associate Professor
Southern Methodist University; Dallas, Texas [1996–1996]
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1993–1999]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1991–1993]
Assistant Professor
University of Georgia; Athens, Georgia [1988–1990]
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahoma; Norman, Oklahoma [1987–1988]


Party, Party Disaffection and Tactical Voting.
1992–1992 Nitish Dutt and Euel Elliott. Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, April 9-11, 1992.
Corporate Campaign Contributions and Rent-Seeking in Senate Election.
9–9 James L. Regens, Euel Elliott, and Ronald Keith Gaddie. Presented at the American Political Science Association, Washington, D.C., September 1991.
Explaining Variations in Public Support for Environmental Protection.
1993–1993 Euel Elliott, James L. Regens, and Barry Seldon. Presented at the Southwestern Social Science Association Meeting, New Orleans, March 4-7, 1993.
Attitudes and New Social Movements: A Case Study of Operation Rescue.
1990–1990 Euel Elliott and Jerome Legge. Presented at the Political Parties and the Future of Democracy Conference, Denton, Texas, April 19-21, 1990.
The Determinants of Republican Support in Southern State Legislative Elections, 1976-84.
1989–1989 Euel Elliott, Ronald Keith Gaddie, and Gerard Gryski. Presented at the Southern Political Science Association Meeting, Memphis, Tennessee, November 2-4, 1989.

Additional Information

Community Service
Organized Student Congress, Northwood Hills Elementary School, February 1994

University Committees
  • Chair, Examining Committee
    • Richard Held, Management 1995
    • James E. Lumney, Management 1997
    • Betty Wiesepape, Arts and Humanities 1998
    • Brian Eugene OLeary, Arts and Humanities 1999
    • Fabian O. Iriarte, Arts and Humanities 2000
    • Joan Mileski, Arts and Humanities 2000
    • Caroline C. Perkins, Management 2000
    • John Rudin, Management 2001
  • Ad hoc Third Year Review Committee (outside Representative)
    • Julie Reuben, Arts and Humanities 1993-94
    • Steven Phelan, Management 2000-01
  • Member, Scholarship Committee 1996-97
  • Vice-Chair, Scholarship Committee 1997-98
  • Committee on Student Life 1993-94
  • Chair, Committee on Student Life 1994-95
  • Member, Committee on Educational Policy 1998-present
  • Member, Faculty Senate 1998-present
  • Member, Committee on qualifications 2002-2004
Review of Grant Proposals
  • National Science Foundation (proposal on electoral behavior, 1994)


Doctoral Advisement/Direction
Marion McGregor-Triano. PhD to be awarded May 2006. Title: Jurisdictional Control of Conservative Spine Care - Chiropractic Versus Medicine. Carlos Pena. PhD expected August 2006. Title: How Do Public Universities Survive in Changing Economic Times? A Case Study of Strategic Alliances at the University of Texas at Dallas. Brandon Roberts. PhD awarded December 2005 Title: Medical Malpractice: Investigating the Supply Side Impact of Medical Malpractice Litigation. Apichart Prasert: Defended June 2002. Title: "Political Business Cycles, Government Regimes and Macroeconomic Performances: A Case Study of Thailand" Thomas Tunstall: PhD. Awarded December 2000 (Co-chair with Don Hicks) Title: "Outsourcing as a Firm Governance Mechanism: Empirical Study of Information Technology Outsourcing Determinants and Performance, 1990-1999" Gregory Roof, Ph.D. Awarded May 1997 Title: "The Political Economy of Alcohol: Under-Aged Drinking on Texas College Campuses" Andrew Ikeh Emmanuel Ewoh, Ph.D. Awarded May 1993. Title: "Industrial Structure, Campaign Contributions and Policy Outcomes"
Dissertation Committee Member
Ling-Chung Hung. PhD to be awarded May 2007 Title: Market Entry and Market Value: Linking Biotechnology Innovation to Value Creation. Mark Dobeck. PhD awarded May 2006 Title: "Securities Exchange Demutualization and Organizational Change Management: Impact and Implication for the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)" David Duane Johnson. PhD awarded December 2006 Title: "A Study of the Effects of Test-Driven Accountability and Perceptions of Principals in the Dallas Independent School District" Deadra Hayes-Whigham. PhD awarded December 2006 Title: "No Homeless Child Left Behind: Implementation of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act" Thomas E. Wilson. PhD awarded August 2006 Title: "Texas Charter Schools and Texans who Influenced Public Policy to Achieve a Common Goal" Susan Gail Balabina. PhD to be awarded May 2007 Title: Volunteerism and Changes in Health Outcomes Jeffrey Keyser. PhD expected August 2007 Title: A study of U.S. Drug Discovery Development and Market Exclusivity. Stephen L. Kiser. PhD expected August 2007 Title: International Trade: A Geospatial Approach to Effects on the Texas Economy. Farahnaaz Khakoo. PhD awarded August 2006 Title: "Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Interpreting Economic, Political, Social, and Institutional Variables with Disaggregated Foreign Assistance" Nicholas Valcik. PhD awarded May 2006 Title: "The Protection of Physics Assets in Research Universities: Policies, Procedures and Improvement" Gian Abutalebi. PhD expected May 2007 Title: Bounded Rationality and Police Administration: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement Decisions Kimberly Holmes. PhD awarded December 2005 Title: "Impact of the Voting Rights Act on Local Governing Body Composition, 1968-Present." Paul Iroghama. PhD awarded August 2005 Title: "Bandits or Rulers? Sources of Perceived Political Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa." Flounsay Caver. PhD awarded August 2005 Title: "Policy Punctuations, City Government Structures, and Budgetary Changes in American Cities." Mark A. Mitchell. Ph.D. awarded December 2004. Title: "The Effects of Occupant and Neighborhood Factors on Household Modifications and Repairs: Implications of Planning and Evaluation of Urban Redevelopment Programs." Sandra Core Duhe, Ph.D. awarded August 2004 Title: "Capitalism, Profitability and Civil Society: The Political Economy of Corporate Reputation" Orarat Asanarong, completion date expected Fall 2005 Title: "Disaggregate Analyses of Thailand's Exports" Michiko Hayhurst, PhD. Awarded May 2004 Title: "The Plaza Agreement, Official Foreign Exchange Intervention and Exchange Rate Policy in Japan 1985-2002: An Analysis of Leaning Against the Wind." Devon Herrick, PhD. Awarded August 2003 Title: "Patient Power and the Internet: Web Sites of Non-Profit Disease Advocacy Organizations" Jeong Dai-Kim, PhD. Awarded December 2002 Title: "The Environmental Effect of the NAFTA" Patricia Huesca-Dorantes Martin, Ph.D. Awarded December 2001 Title: "The Emergence of multiparty Competition in Mexican Politics" Eun Mi Kim, Ph.D. Awarded August 2001 Title: "The U.S. Export Administration Act: Rationale and Role" Song June Kim, Ph.D. Awarded August 2001 Title: "Effects of Excise Taxes, Health Warnings and Advertising Bans on Cigarette Consumption" Rodolfo Hernandez-Guerrero, Ph.D. Awarded May 2001 Title: "The Demographic Transition in Costa Rica and Venezuela" Daniel Oney, Ph.D. Awarded May 2001 Title: "Benefit Cost Analysis in Environmental Protection Agency Rule Making" Roxane DeLaurell, Ph.D. Awarded December 2000 Title: "Globalization of Regulation: The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods" Yaw Hanson, Ph.D. Awarded December 2000 Title: "Air Quality Valuation from Hedonic Models: Applications of Recent Estimation Techniques" Stuart MacDonald, Ph.D. Awarded August 2000 Title: "The Texas and Oklahoma Unitization Statutes: An Empirical Analysis of Effectiveness" Morris Stein, Ph.D. Awarded August 2000 Title: "The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas: A Case Study in New Institutional Theory" Mark W. Frank, Ph.D. Awarded May 2000 Title: "The Impact of Rate-of-Return Regulation on Technological Innovation" Ella Jean Bray, Ph.D. Awarded December 1995 Title: " The Perot Paradox: Citizen Politics in a Partisan World-An Analyses at the Grassroots" Chung Ron Pi: Ph.D. Awarded 1994 Title: "Expression of Culture in Economic Development" Hak-Min Kim, Ph.D. 1994 Title: "Globalization of International Finance Markets: Causes and Consequences"


Private Property Rights, Coastal Preservation and the Texas Open Beaches Act
$38,627 - NOAA [2018–2004]
Campaign Quality Study
$15,000 - Annenberg School of Communication University of Pennsylvania [1998–1998]
Attitudes of Anti-abortion Activists
$1,200 - University of Georgia [1989–1989]