Euel Elliott

Professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Political Economy
Tags: Political Science Social Data Analytics and Research Public Policy Political Economy

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Political Science
Duke University - 1987
M.A. - Political Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - 1982
M.A. - Psychology
Radford University - 1976
B.A. - Economics and Political Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - 1973


Money.Mark Dobeck and Euel Elliott.Westport, CT and London: Greenwood Press, 2007. 2007 - Publication
Beyond Gratz and Grutter: Prospects for Affirmative Action in the Aftermath of the Michigan Decision Euel Elliott and Andrew Ewoh Review of Policy Research, 22: 541-553. 2005 - Publication
The 2004 General Election: Texas Gregory Thielemann and Euel Elliott. American Politics Research. (forthcoming 2005) 2005 - Publication
Gender and The Political Economy of Presidential Approval.Mike Ault, Harold D. Clarke, Marianne Stewart, Euel Elliott. British Journal of Political Science (February 2005): 35:31-51. 2005 - Publication
A Complex Systems Approach for Developing Public Policy Toward Terrorism: An Agent-Based Approach. Euel Elliott and L. Douglas Kiel. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (2004) 20: 63-68. 2004 - Publication
A Spatial Analysis of County-level Outcomes in U.S. Presidential Elections: 1988-2000. Jeong Dai Kim, Euel Elliott and Ding Ming Wang. Forthcoming, Electoral Studies (November 2003). 22:741-761 2003 - Publication
Separation of Powers and Democratic Equity in the 2000 Presidential Election Andrew Ewoh, Euel Elliott and James Guseh. Forthcoming, Public Integrity (summer 2002). 2002 - Publication
The Dimensions of Government Inaction on Smoking Policy: A Comparative Study of the United States and Korea. Song June Kim and Euel Elliott. Korean Social Science Journal (2002) 29 2002 - Publication
Nonlinear Dynamics, Complexity and Public Policy. Euel Elliott and L. Douglas Kiel Connack, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2000. 2000 - Publication
The Evolution of an Issue: The Rise and Decline of Affirmative Action Euel Elliott and Andrew Ewoh. Policy Studies Review 17:212-237, June 2000. 2000 - Publication


Senior Associate Dean
University of Texas at Dallas [2007–Present]
Associate Dean for Graduate Education
University of Texas at Dallas [2003–2005]
University of Texas at Dallas [1999–Present]
Director of Graduate Studies
University of Texas at Dallas [1998–2003]
Director of Master of Public Affairs (MPA) Program
University of Texas at Dallas [1996–1998]
Visiting Associate Professor
Southern Methodist University; Dallas, Texas [1996–1996]
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1993–1999]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1991–1993]
Assistant Professor
University of Georgia; Athens, Georgia [1988–1990]
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahoma; Norman, Oklahoma [1987–1988]


The Effect of EPA Enforcement Funding on Private-Sector Pollution Control Investment.
1992–1992 Barry Seldon, Euel Elliott, James L. Regens, and Charles G. Hunter. Presented at the Southwestern Society of Economists Meeting, San Antonio, March 4-7, 1992.
The Correlates of State Tort Reform.
1990–1990 Euel Elliott and Susette Talarico. Presented at the Midwestern Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, April 6-8, 1990.
Modeling of Regulatory Costs on Congressional Campaign Finance.
1990–1990 James L. Regens, Euel Elliott, and Ronald Keith Gaddie. Presented at the Public Choice Society Meeting, Tucson, March 16-18, 1990.
Riding the Long Wave: Macroeconomics and the Presidency.
1993–1993 Brian J.L. Berry, Edward J. Harpham, and Euel Elliott. Presented at the American Political Science Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., September 2-5, 1993.
An Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to the Presidential Nomination Process.
1992–1992 Paul Gurian, Euel Elliott, and Daniel Everett, Presented at the Southern Political Science Association Meeting, Atlanta, November 5-7, 1992.

Additional Information

Community Service
Organized Student Congress, Northwood Hills Elementary School, February 1994

University Committees
  • Chair, Examining Committee
    • Richard Held, Management 1995
    • James E. Lumney, Management 1997
    • Betty Wiesepape, Arts and Humanities 1998
    • Brian Eugene OLeary, Arts and Humanities 1999
    • Fabian O. Iriarte, Arts and Humanities 2000
    • Joan Mileski, Arts and Humanities 2000
    • Caroline C. Perkins, Management 2000
    • John Rudin, Management 2001
  • Ad hoc Third Year Review Committee (outside Representative)
    • Julie Reuben, Arts and Humanities 1993-94
    • Steven Phelan, Management 2000-01
  • Member, Scholarship Committee 1996-97
  • Vice-Chair, Scholarship Committee 1997-98
  • Committee on Student Life 1993-94
  • Chair, Committee on Student Life 1994-95
  • Member, Committee on Educational Policy 1998-present
  • Member, Faculty Senate 1998-present
  • Member, Committee on qualifications 2002-2004
Review of Grant Proposals
  • National Science Foundation (proposal on electoral behavior, 1994)


Doctoral Advisement/Direction
Marion McGregor-Triano. PhD to be awarded May 2006. Title: Jurisdictional Control of Conservative Spine Care - Chiropractic Versus Medicine. Carlos Pena. PhD expected August 2006. Title: How Do Public Universities Survive in Changing Economic Times? A Case Study of Strategic Alliances at the University of Texas at Dallas. Brandon Roberts. PhD awarded December 2005 Title: Medical Malpractice: Investigating the Supply Side Impact of Medical Malpractice Litigation. Apichart Prasert: Defended June 2002. Title: "Political Business Cycles, Government Regimes and Macroeconomic Performances: A Case Study of Thailand" Thomas Tunstall: PhD. Awarded December 2000 (Co-chair with Don Hicks) Title: "Outsourcing as a Firm Governance Mechanism: Empirical Study of Information Technology Outsourcing Determinants and Performance, 1990-1999" Gregory Roof, Ph.D. Awarded May 1997 Title: "The Political Economy of Alcohol: Under-Aged Drinking on Texas College Campuses" Andrew Ikeh Emmanuel Ewoh, Ph.D. Awarded May 1993. Title: "Industrial Structure, Campaign Contributions and Policy Outcomes"
Dissertation Committee Member
Ling-Chung Hung. PhD to be awarded May 2007 Title: Market Entry and Market Value: Linking Biotechnology Innovation to Value Creation. Mark Dobeck. PhD awarded May 2006 Title: "Securities Exchange Demutualization and Organizational Change Management: Impact and Implication for the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)" David Duane Johnson. PhD awarded December 2006 Title: "A Study of the Effects of Test-Driven Accountability and Perceptions of Principals in the Dallas Independent School District" Deadra Hayes-Whigham. PhD awarded December 2006 Title: "No Homeless Child Left Behind: Implementation of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act" Thomas E. Wilson. PhD awarded August 2006 Title: "Texas Charter Schools and Texans who Influenced Public Policy to Achieve a Common Goal" Susan Gail Balabina. PhD to be awarded May 2007 Title: Volunteerism and Changes in Health Outcomes Jeffrey Keyser. PhD expected August 2007 Title: A study of U.S. Drug Discovery Development and Market Exclusivity. Stephen L. Kiser. PhD expected August 2007 Title: International Trade: A Geospatial Approach to Effects on the Texas Economy. Farahnaaz Khakoo. PhD awarded August 2006 Title: "Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Interpreting Economic, Political, Social, and Institutional Variables with Disaggregated Foreign Assistance" Nicholas Valcik. PhD awarded May 2006 Title: "The Protection of Physics Assets in Research Universities: Policies, Procedures and Improvement" Gian Abutalebi. PhD expected May 2007 Title: Bounded Rationality and Police Administration: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement Decisions Kimberly Holmes. PhD awarded December 2005 Title: "Impact of the Voting Rights Act on Local Governing Body Composition, 1968-Present." Paul Iroghama. PhD awarded August 2005 Title: "Bandits or Rulers? Sources of Perceived Political Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa." Flounsay Caver. PhD awarded August 2005 Title: "Policy Punctuations, City Government Structures, and Budgetary Changes in American Cities." Mark A. Mitchell. Ph.D. awarded December 2004. Title: "The Effects of Occupant and Neighborhood Factors on Household Modifications and Repairs: Implications of Planning and Evaluation of Urban Redevelopment Programs." Sandra Core Duhe, Ph.D. awarded August 2004 Title: "Capitalism, Profitability and Civil Society: The Political Economy of Corporate Reputation" Orarat Asanarong, completion date expected Fall 2005 Title: "Disaggregate Analyses of Thailand's Exports" Michiko Hayhurst, PhD. Awarded May 2004 Title: "The Plaza Agreement, Official Foreign Exchange Intervention and Exchange Rate Policy in Japan 1985-2002: An Analysis of Leaning Against the Wind." Devon Herrick, PhD. Awarded August 2003 Title: "Patient Power and the Internet: Web Sites of Non-Profit Disease Advocacy Organizations" Jeong Dai-Kim, PhD. Awarded December 2002 Title: "The Environmental Effect of the NAFTA" Patricia Huesca-Dorantes Martin, Ph.D. Awarded December 2001 Title: "The Emergence of multiparty Competition in Mexican Politics" Eun Mi Kim, Ph.D. Awarded August 2001 Title: "The U.S. Export Administration Act: Rationale and Role" Song June Kim, Ph.D. Awarded August 2001 Title: "Effects of Excise Taxes, Health Warnings and Advertising Bans on Cigarette Consumption" Rodolfo Hernandez-Guerrero, Ph.D. Awarded May 2001 Title: "The Demographic Transition in Costa Rica and Venezuela" Daniel Oney, Ph.D. Awarded May 2001 Title: "Benefit Cost Analysis in Environmental Protection Agency Rule Making" Roxane DeLaurell, Ph.D. Awarded December 2000 Title: "Globalization of Regulation: The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods" Yaw Hanson, Ph.D. Awarded December 2000 Title: "Air Quality Valuation from Hedonic Models: Applications of Recent Estimation Techniques" Stuart MacDonald, Ph.D. Awarded August 2000 Title: "The Texas and Oklahoma Unitization Statutes: An Empirical Analysis of Effectiveness" Morris Stein, Ph.D. Awarded August 2000 Title: "The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas: A Case Study in New Institutional Theory" Mark W. Frank, Ph.D. Awarded May 2000 Title: "The Impact of Rate-of-Return Regulation on Technological Innovation" Ella Jean Bray, Ph.D. Awarded December 1995 Title: " The Perot Paradox: Citizen Politics in a Partisan World-An Analyses at the Grassroots" Chung Ron Pi: Ph.D. Awarded 1994 Title: "Expression of Culture in Economic Development" Hak-Min Kim, Ph.D. 1994 Title: "Globalization of International Finance Markets: Causes and Consequences"


Private Property Rights, Coastal Preservation and the Texas Open Beaches Act
$38,627 - NOAA [2018–2004]
Campaign Quality Study
$15,000 - Annenberg School of Communication University of Pennsylvania [1998–1998]
Attitudes of Anti-abortion Activists
$1,200 - University of Georgia [1989–1989]