Zhiqiang Zheng

Zhiqiang Zheng

Professor - Management
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Tags: Information Systems

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Operations and Information Management
University of Pennsylvania - 2003
M.A. - Operations and Information Management
University of Pennsylvania - 2001
M.S. - Industrial Management Engineering
Shanghai Jiaotong University - 1996
B.S. - Management Information Systems
Harbin Institute of Technology - 1993

Research Areas

Research Interests
  • Business Analytics (Theories, Methods and Applications)
    • Data Mining Methods (DEA for outlier detection, state-space imputation, generative text mining)
    • Healthcare analytics (hospital capacity optimization, patient life time expense, clinic waste reduction)
    • Social Media Analytics (text analytics, signed social network analysis, crowdsourcing)
    • Financial analytics (high-frequency trading, streaming data analytics)
  • Information Technology Innovation, Diffusion and Standardization
  • Quantitative analysis for Operations, Marketing and Finance (Inventory optimization under subscription-based service, sponsored search auction, social gaming product diffusion, computational econometrics analysis for strategic traders)


“Are new IT-enabled investment opportunities diminishing for firms", Dos-Santos, B., Zheng, Z., Mookerjee, V., Chen, H. Forthcoming in Information Systems research. 2012 - Publication
“From Business Intelligence to Competitive Intelligence: Inferring Competitive Measures Using Augmented Site-Centric Data", Zheng, Z., Fader, P., Padmanabhan, B. Forthcoming in Information Systems research. 2012 - Publication
Toward a Causal Interpretation from Observational Data: A New Bayesian Networks Method for Structural Models with Latent Variables. With P. Pavlou. Information Systems Research. Forthcoming. 2010 - Publication
“DEA-based hypothesis tests for comparing two groups of decision making units”, Banker, R., Zheng, Z., Natarajan, R. European Journal of Operational Research. 206, 2010, pp. 231-238., 2010 - Publication
A Model of Search Intermediaries and Paid Referrals. With T. Weber. Information Systems Research. 18.4. (2007): 414-436. 2007 - Publication
Constructing Ensembles from Data Envelopment Analysis. With B. Padmanabhan. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 19. 4. (2007): 486-496. 2007 - Publication
Inferring Competitive Measures on the Web From Aggregated Data. The Bas Marketing Conference at UT Dallas. Richardson, Texas: March, 2007. 2007 - Publication
Mining Movie Blog Data For Box Office Prediction. INFORMS Conference. Seattle, Washington: November, 2007. 2007 - Publication


Associate professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2006–Present]
Assistant professor
University of California, Riverside [2003–2006]
E-Business consultant
Jupiter Media Metrix [2000–2000]
Marketing supervisor
EPSON Shanghai Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China [1995–1997]


Mining Movie Blog Data for Box office prediction
2007–2007 Zheng, Z., Yu, W. INFORMS Annual Meeting 2007, Seattle.
Inferring firms' competitive measures from aggregated data
2006–2006 Zheng, Z., Padmanabhan, B., Fader, P. presented at the Frank Bass Conference at UTD in March 2007 and the INFORMS Conference 2006 at Pittsburg.
A Bayesian Network Method for Inferring Causality from Data
2005–2005 Zheng, Z. and Pavlou, P. IFORS Conference, Hawaii, 2005.
Evolutionary Origin of Trust: A Learning Perspective
2002–2002 Fang, C., S. Kimbrough, A. Valluri, Z. Zheng, Academy of Management Conference 2002 (AOM02), Denver.
A Model of Search Intermediaries and Paid Referrals
2002–2002 Weber, T., Z. Zheng Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE 2002), Barcelona, Spain.

Additional Information

Teaching Experience

Teaching Records at Wharton and UCR

  • “Database Management System”, MBA core, Fall 2003. (Evaluation: 6.4 out of 7.0.)
  • “Systems Analysis and Design”, MBA elective, Spring 2004. (6.6/7.0)  
  • “Systems Analysis and Design”, Undergraduate elective. Spring 2004.  (5.4/7.0)
  • “Introduction to Database”, Undergraduate elective. Fall 2004.  (5.8/7.0)
  • “Introduction to data Mining”, Undergraduate elective. Fall 2004 & Spring 2005 (5.5/7.0)
  • “E-commerce Systems”, Undergraduate elective, Fall 2005. (5.4/7.0)
  • “Data Mining for Business”, MBA elective, Spring and Fall 2005. (6.6 /7.0)
  • “Introduction to MIS”, Undergraduate core, Winter 2006 (5.2/7.0)
  • “Management Information Systems”, MBA core, Winter 2006 (6.6/7.0).

Teaching Records at UTD

  • “Introduction to MIS”, BA3351-004, Undergraduate core, Spring 2007. (3.8/5.0).
  • “Introduction to MIS”, BA3351-501, Undergraduate core, Spring 2007. (3.6/5.0).
  • “Business Intelligence”, MIS6324, Graduate Elective, Summer 2007. (4.6/5)
  • “Business Intelligence”, MIS6324, Graduate Elective, Spring 2008. (4.6/5)
Most Recent Editorial Services
  • CIST 2008 Program Committee                                             PC Member                 2008
  • ICIS 2007 Track “Web-Based Information Systems”           AE                               2007
  • Third Workshop on Sponsored Search Auctions                    AE                               2007
  • International Journal of Electronic Commerce                       AE                    Since 2006
  • Information Technology Management                       Ad-hoc AE, reviewer        Regularly*
  • MIS Quarterly                                                                        Reviewer           2007, 2008
  • Information Systems Research                                               Reviewer              Regularly
  • Management Science                                                              Reviewer              Regularly
  • INFORMS Journal on Computing                                         Reviewer              Regularly
  • Decision Support Systems                                                      Reviewer              Regularly
  • IEEE Transaction (TKDE)                                                     Reviewer                     2008
  • * Regularly >4 papers/year
  • Computer Languages: Python, Visual Basic, Perl, SQL, Java, C/ C++.
  • Statistics Analysis Packages: SAS, SPSS, Jump-In, S-Plus
  • Business Intelligence/Data Mining Packages:  Clementine, CART, Gainsmarts, SAS Enterprise Miner, WEKA, SQL Server 2008, XLMiner, Crystal Report
  • Special Packages: Brio/ Oracle, SAP ERP, UCNet, UML, Business Objects, ESRI (GIS), Crystal Ball.