Elmer Polk

Clinical Professor of Criminology and Sociology
GR 2.208
Tags: Criminology & Criminal Justice

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Criminal Justice
Sam Houston State University - 1993
M.S. - Criminal Justice
Rollins College - 1979
B.A. - Criminal Justice
University of South Florida - 1976


Online Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree Programs in the United States: An Emerging Model Provides assessment and trends of current program offerings in the U.S. in a national sample. Pending submission to the Journal of Criminal Justice Education. forthcoming - Publication
Polk, O. E. (2009) Instructors Manual. Testbank and Power Points for Community-Based Corrections, 8th ed. by Alarid, L., Cromwell, P., & del Carmen, R. Cengage Learning. Belmont, CA. 1-286, 309 Power Points. 2009 - Publication
Rodriquez, R. lll & Polk, O.E. (2008). Geographic policing: A contemporary approach to spatial accountability in a North Texas police department. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, Spring 5 (1). 2008 - Publication
Hamblett, S., del Carmen, A., & Polk, O.E. (2008). Perspectives on the death penalty: Ditferences in knowledge levels and beliefs of CRCJ and non-CRCJ majors. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice), Fall 5 (2). 2008 - Publication
Myers, K., del Carmen, A., & Polk, O.E. (2007). Funded federal grant proposals in law enforcement: An analysis of commonalities and jurisdictional issues. The Law Enforcement Executive Forum, 7(5). July. 21-43. 2007 - Publication
Sandifer, L., Polk, O.E., & del Camien, A (2007). Police use of force: Does gender make a difference. The Law Enforcement Executive Forum, 7(6) September. 155-167. 2007 - Publication
Bayliss, C.lill. & Polk, O.E. (2005). Attorneys' self-reported perspectives and criteria for requesting competency evaluations in criminal defense cases. Criminal Justice Review, 30 (3), December. 312-324. 2005 - Publication
Polk, O.E. & MacKenna, D.W. (2005). Dilemmas of the new millennium: Policing in the 21st century. ACJS Today, XXX (3) Sept/Oct 1-9. 2005 - Publication
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Polk, O. E. (2002) lnstructor's Manual for Community-Based Corrections, 5 ed. by Cromwell, P., del Carmen, R. Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. Belmont, CA 1-177. 2002 - Publication


Clinical Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2009–Present]
Visiting Lecturer
The University of North Texas [2008–2009]
Assistant Professor
Kennesaw State University [2007–2008]
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Arlington [2004–2007]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Ariington [1998–2004]
Associate Professor
Coppin State College, Baltimore, Maryland [1993–1997]
Research Associate
Sam Houston State University [1991–1993]
Doctoral Fellow
Sam Houston State University [1988–1991]
Community Affairs (VIP) Coordinator
Bexar County (San Antonio) Juvenile Probation Department [1986–1988]
Juvenile Detention Center Supervisor
Bexar County (San Antonio) Juvenile Probation Department [1985–1986]


On|ine Graduate Programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice.
2007–2007 Panel Presentation. Nov. 2007. Annual Meeting oi the American Society ot Criminology.Atlanta, GA.
UtiIizing Research to Enhance Police Training Programs: A Look at What We Can Leam From Deadly Force and Other lncidents, with David Armstrong
2005–2005 Panel Presentation 2005. Annual Meeting of the Southwestem Association of Criminal Justice
"Administrative, Organizational, and Community Correlates of Community Policing: Expectations and Accomplishment."
2002–2002 Panel Presentation, 2002 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Also chaired panel #227 entitled Police Response Determinants - or Why Do Police Do What They Do'?
Redneck Cops Revisited: Perceptions of Use of Force by Southem Police Ofticers with David Amistrong and Joseph Rodriguez, III.
2003–2003 Panel Presentation 2003. Annual Meeting of the Southwestem Association of Criminal Justice.
The Effects of Ethnicity on me Career Paths of Advanced or Specialized Law Enforcement Oflicers.
1994–1994 Panel Presentation, 1994 Annual Meeting, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Additional Information

  • 2009, December. Polk, O.E., Wyman, S., & Wilkins, B. Final Report & Evaluation and Data Files: Project Safe Neighborhoods & Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative for the Northern District of Texas. Submitted to the Department of Justice and the North Texas Crime Commission.  639 pp.
  • 2009. Received service award from The United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and the North Texas Crime Commission for outstanding service, leadership, and dedication while participating in the Department of Justice Project Safe Neighborhoods Anti-Gang Initiative.
  • 2009. Polk, O. E. Instructor’s Manual. Testbank and Power Points for Community-Based Corrections, 8th ed. by Alarid, L., Cromwell, P., & del Carmen, R. Cengage Learning. Belmont, CA. 1-286, 309 Power Points.
  • 2008. October. Reviewed and critiqued testbank for Siegel and Sienna's new introduction to Criminal Justice textbook for Cengage Publishing.
  • 2008. September. Developed and presented a three hour training module on Juvenile Justice rn Texas to a visiting contingent of thirty-four dignitaries from Thailand's Department of Ministry and other leading criminal justice professionals.
  • 2008. May. Reviewed and critiqued book entitled, Corrections Today, a first edition by unknown author for Wadsworth Publishers.
  • 2008. February. Reviewed and critiqued book enntled, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 11"* ed., by Larry Siegel & Joseph Senna for Wadsworth Publishers.
  • 2007. October. Completed the seventeen—moduIe, social and behavioral science, research certiHcaIion course on Human Research Curriculum by the Collaborative Institutional Training lnitiative (CIT|).
  • 2007. September. Evaluation ot Six-City Gang Initiatives, Crime Interventions in the Northem District of Texas tor grant extension period oi October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007 on grant number 2006—PG—BX0094. Submitted to the U.S. Department oi Justice and the North Texas Crime Commission. Lead author ot project team including Shemian Wyman and Bob Wilkins. 405 pp.
  • 2006. August Reviewed and critiqued book manuscript entitled, The Blue Guide: Written Communication for Law Enforcement by Elizabeth Brockman for Pierson, Allyn, and Bacon Publishing.
  • 2005. October. "A Review and Evaluation ot Project Sate Neighborhoods Initiatives in the Northem District ot Texas — A Three-Year Study" submitted to the U. S. Department ot Justice on Grant # 2002GP—CX-0226. Lead author of project team includng Sherman Wyman and Bob Wilkins.
  • 2004. July. Reviewed and critiqued rewrite oi book manuscript entitled, Juvenile Justice: Process and Law for Wadsworth Publishing.
  • 2004. May. Reviewed and critiqued book manuscript entitled, Juvenile Justice: Process and Law tor Wadsworth Publishing.
  • 2002- Present External reviewer for The Journal of Criminal Justice Education.
  • 1999 — 2006. External reviewer for The International Journal of Police Science Management
  • 1996. The Contemporary Journal of Cnminal Justice 11(3), August 1996, coedited special edition entitled "Police Training and Violence", managing editor, George Rush.
  • 1995, March. Reviewed and critiqued book manuscript entitled Corrections in America tor West Publishing.
  • 1995-1997 Served as reviewer tor West Educational Publishing Corporation, reviewing and editing correctional textbooks; served as external reviewer tor Police Studies and the Journal of Criminal Justice Education.
  • 1987. Bexar County Juvenile Probation Policy and Procedure Manual with Keith Fortney and committee. Written in cooperation with the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission and the American Correctional Association. Distributed by the Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department, San Antonio, Texas.


Developed and obtained Curriculum Committee approval for nine new courses during 1994-2010: 
  • The Juvenile Justice System
  • Juvenile Justice & Juvenile Corrections (graduate)
  • Statistics for Criminal Justice Research
  • Legal Liabilities of Criminal Justice Professionals 
  • Survey of American Policing
  • Advanced Legal and Technical Writing
  • Institutional Corrections Online course
  • Organizational Theory& Management Thought (graduate)
  • Foundations of Criminal Justice Online
  Undergraduate Courses Taught 
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Community Corrections 
  • Theoretical Criminology
  • Institutional Corrections 
  • Conference Courses
  • Statistics for CJ Research
  • Advanced Legal and Technical Writing
  • Criminal Justice Research 
  • Legal Liabilities of Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Criminal Justice Internship I 
  • Criminal Justice Internship II
  • Cooperative Field Placement I
  • Cooperative Field Placement II
  • Cooperative Field Placement III
  • Cooperative Field Placement IV
  • Juvenile Justice Systems
  • Victimology Corrections
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Foundations of Criminal Justice
  • Police in America
  • Drugs in America
  • Social Control and Criminal Sanctions
  • Advanced Criminal Justice
  • Advanced Criminology
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  Graduate Courses Taught
  • Thesis I & II
  • CRCJ Seminar
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Corrections
  • Criminal Justice Research & Statistics
  • Rights of the Incarcerated
  • Advanced Criminology
  • Problems in the Exercise of Institutional Authority
  • Field Training/Practicum
  • Conference Courses
  • Drugs in America
  • Courts
  • Thirty-six years total experience in criminology & criminal justice related work.
  • Seven years working with adult probation and parole offenders; six years with juveniles, four years in criminal justice field research, and fifteen years as a Lecturer! Assistant / Associate Professor of Criminal Justice.
  • Seven and one-half years supervisory experience; Four and one-half years administrative experience.
  • Wide variety of experience in, probation, parole, minimum security adult facilities, secure juvenile detention, juvenile probation and law enforcement research.
  • Experience in writing and administering grants.
  • 2013 – Developed for online delivery and assigned to teach CRIM 6310 & CRIM 6311 plus undergraduate sections of 3310 and the core 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice .
  • 2012 – Taught four courses 6313, 6317, 2316, & 2317) in Spring semester including two new online MS courses developed for the MS Online degree to be initiated in Fall 2012. Continued to serve as Alpha Phi Sigma Faculty Sponsor. Continued work on the development of CRIM 6300, 6303, and EPPS 6310 for online delivery in the Fall in the new Online MS Program. Assisted in recruitment drive for graduate students for the Online Program. 
  • 2011– Developed/updated syllabi for and taught 12 regular undergraduate and graduate courses plus two internship/independent study courses. Taught both online and traditional lecture sections and worked on developing two new masters level criminology courses in corrections and courts for online delivery in Spring of 2012 as precursor to the new Crim. Masters Online Degree program being initiated in Fall of 2012. Served as faculty sponsor for The Criminology Honors Society, Alpha Phi Sigma. 
  • 2010 – Developed new preparation and syllabus for CRIM 4316 Advanced Issues in Corrections and prepared and taught additional sections in CRIM 3310 Youth Crime and Justice and CRIM 3316 Corrections. Also taught undergraduate and graduate sections of CRIM 3317 Criminal Prosecution & Court Processes & CRIM 6317 Courts. Prepared and taught graduate and undergraduate sections of CRIM 3312 & CRIM 6348 as well as CRIM 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice for online delivery in summer semester. Served as Faculty Advisor for Alpha Phi Sigma Student Honors Organization updating financial and activity records for UTD and the National Alpha Phi Sigma Office. Increased active membership from seven to twenty- six. Received recognition from UTD Student Athletes and UTD Athletics Department as an ING Financial Faculty Coach of the Game. Updated and taught five additional courses in the fall semester. Taught five courses via online format, five via traditional classroom lecture, and one via distance education format. 
  • 2009 – Developed/updated syllabi for UNT in Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Systems, Criminology, and Drugs in America. In Fall at UTD, developed syllabi for Advanced Criminology, Advanced Criminal Justice, Crime in America, and Social Policy and Criminal Sanctions. Also prepared Corrections course for online delivery in Spring 2010. Served asFaculty Advisor for Alpha Phi Sigma Student Organization. 
  • 2008 –Completed the nationally recognized “Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Training” and became certified as a peer reviewer of online courses. Completed the “Quality Matters Improving Your Online Course Workshop using the QM Rubric” and redeveloped my online corrections course to comply with QM Certification. Spring semester, updated syllabi for and taught two sections of criminal procedure and one section of criminology. Served as a peer reviewer for online courses being added to the Kennesaw State University curriculum. Developed CRJU 1101 Foundations of Criminal Justice as a certified online offering. In summer I updated syllabi for and taught Police in America, Corrections, & Criminology. Prepared syllabi for and taught three sections in the fall at UNT including Police, Juvenile Justice, & Juvenile Delinquency. Three students from my Juvenile Justice class won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place honors in the LAE Regional Competition in Juvenile Justice in October 2008.
  • 2007 – Fall semester, developed syllabi for and taught Foundations to Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure courses and re-developed and taught an online Corrections course. Spring semester, modified syllabi and taughttwo undergraduate and one graduate course, served on three graduate thesis committees and chaired two nonthesis committees. Nominated for UT Arlington’s President’s Award for Excellence in Distance Education Teaching.Continued to serve as Graduate Advisor and co-online advisor for the department serving approximately 55 graduate students and 250 online undergraduates. During Fall, I attended advisor training, developed a new course syllabus for 3315, developed 3332 Corrections as a Georgia specific online course, and advised majors as needed.
  • 2006 - Modified syllabi and taught seven CRCJ lecture and online courses, served as co-faculty advisor to the Criminal Justice Student Organization, continued in the Online Program by teaching two courses in corrections and serving as departmental co-advisor to the Online Program providing advising to approximately 200 students and resumed duties as CRCJ Graduate Advisor effective August 2006. Served on four thesis committees and numerous non-thesis committees, chaired one Honors College thesis, and served on one doctoral committee for Social Work. Listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers for excellence in teaching
  • 2005 – Recipient of the Gertrude Golladay Award for outstanding teaching within the College of Liberal Arts. Chaired one thesis and served on seven thesis committees. Modified syllabi and taught six CRCJ courses and served as cofaculty advisor to the Criminal Justice Student Organization. Continued participation in the Online Program by teaching one course in corrections and accepting appointment as departmental co-advisor to the Online Degree Completion Program providing advising to approximately 195 students.


A three year gang violence reduction program in the Ft. Worth - Dallas Metroplex
$38,000 - Department of Justice BJA funding through the North Texas U.S. Atfomeys Office and the Greater Dallas Crime Commission [2008–2009]
Develop and offer online live CRCJ courses consisting of three graduate and two undergraduate elective courses
$20,000 - UTA Distance Leaming Center [2007–2007]
Hozohooji Walk: Prospectus for a Shared Value Partnership in Service Leaming and Field Education Among the Navajo People
$299,260 - Multi-authored grant [2006–2006]
2006 Anti-Gang Initiative for Dallas
$119,993 - Department of Justice BJA funding through the North Texas Crime Commission [2006–2008]
Texas Justice information Exchange Model (TJIEM) Project
$150,000 - Texas Conference of Urban Counties via the Texas integrated Justice lnfomiation Systems Advisory Committee [2006–2018]