Elizabeth Salter

Lecturer I - Interdisciplinary Studies
Associate Dean - Interdisciplinary Studies, School of
Tags: Physical Anthropology

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Physical Anthropology
University of Toronto - 1984
M.A. - Archaeology
University of Calgary - 1974
Master of Museum Studies (M. Museol.) - Museum Studies
University of Toronto/Royal Ontario Museum - 1972
BA - Biological Anthropology
University of Toronto - 1971


J.C. Kolar, E. M.Salter and S.M. Weinberg (2010) Preoperative Dysmorphology in Isolated Sagittal Synostosis: A Comprehensive Anthropometric Evaluation. in The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.Vol 21 #5, Sept 2010 pgs 1404-1410. 2010 - Publication
E. M. Salter and J. C. Kolar (2007?) Anthropometry. In: Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics Sage Publications (editor Neil J. Salkind). 2006 - Publication
Book Review of Craniofacial Anthropomentry in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, January, page 440. 2004 - Publication
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Book Review of Craniofacial Anthropometry in American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Vol. 109 #3, 415-416. 1999 - Publication
Book Review of Craniofacial Anthropometry in Annals of Human Biology Vol. 25, #1, 87-88. 1998 - Publication
Salter, E.M. and J.C. Kolar (1998) Preoperative anthropometric dysmorphology in sagittal synostosis. 67th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Salt Lake City, Utah. (Presented by Salter) 1998 - Publication
Kolar, J.C. and E.M. Salter (1998) A quantitative comparison of preoperative dysmorphology in metopic and sagittal synostoses. 67th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Salt Lake City, Utah. (Presented by Kolar. 1998 - Publication
Book Review of Craniofacial Anthropometry in a Psychology Journal (xerox of review was sent to us by Charles C. Thomas. Title of Journal was not included. 1998 - Publication


"The Archaeology and Physical Anthropology of the Quackenbush Site"
1983–1983 (with J.C. Kolar). Invited Public lecture, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, December 8, 1983
Dead Women Do Tell Tales
1997–1999 Expanding Your Horizons Conference, American Association of University Women, UTD, Fall 1997-1999.
Archaeology Badge
2001–2001 Boy Scout University, UTD April 2001.
"A Probable Case of Potts Disease in a Pre-Contact Southern Ontario Iroquois Site."
1985–1985 Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Dec. 1985.
"Patterns of Palaeopathology at the Prehistoric Ontario Iroquois Quackenbush Site"
1987–1987 American Association of Physical Anthropologists, New York City, April, 1987.

Additional Information


Arctic Institute of North America (Life Member)

Teaching Experience
Dig the Caribbean, The University of Texas at Dallas, 1999 Human Evolution, Memorial University of Newfoundland 1979, University of Toronto 1985- 1987 Human Female: Biology and Culture, The University of Texas at Dallas 1999-present Independent Study (Research), University of Toronto 1985-87, University of Texas at Dallas 1995-date Introductory Anthropology, Memorial University 1979-1980, University of Toronto 1982, 1985 Introductory Physical Anthropology (Humans: Our Place in Nature), The University of Calgary 1974; Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario 1979; Memorial University of Newfoundland 1980; University of Toronto 1985-87; University of Texas at Dallas 1994-date Native American Cultures, University of Texas at Dallas 1993-1997. Physical Anthropology of Aging, Memorial University of Newfoundland 1981-82, The University of Toronto 1985-87, 1991. Rhetoric 1101, University of Texas at Dallas 1994-2004 Sex Roles and Social Change, Memorial University of Newfoundland 1981. Senior Honors Research Supervision, The University of Texas at Dallas,1996-date. Skeletal Biology (Bones, Bodies and Disease), The University of Toronto 1985-87, 1991, The University of Texas at Dallas 1995-present
Professional Experience


1999-present, archaeological research on malacological material, Indian Creek Site, Antigua 2001-present, Senior Lecturer II, General Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas 1995-2001, Senior Lecturer I, General Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas 1993-94 Lecturer, School of General Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas 1985-87 Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, The University of Toronto 1986 Invited Expert Interview, Radio Interview, Ryerson Open College Course, "The History of Science and Technology" (with J. C. Kolar), CJRT-FM, Toronto, October 1986 1985 Osteologist, Analysis of human remains, Anglican Diocesan site, St. James Cathedral, Toronto, Ontario (MS on file, Toronto Historical Board) 1983 Osteologist, Analysis of skeletal material and faunal remains, Quackenbush site, Peterborough County, Ontario.(with J.C. Kolar). Research grant from the Ontario Heritage Foundation 1981-1982 Faunal analyst (with J.C. Kolar), Shuldham 9 site, Saglek Bay, Northern Labrador, for Callum Thomson, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MS on file, Provincial Museum of Newfoundland, St. John's) 1978-1979 Faunal analyst, Washout site, Pauline Cove, Herschel Island, N.W.T., for B. Yorga and Dr. H.G. Savage (MS on file, faunal library, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto) 1975-1978 (summers) Grant Recipient and Director of Excavations, Niutang and Tasioya burial sites, Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island, N.W.T. Project funded by contracts from the National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada, and grants from the Arctic Institute of North America (annual reports on file, National Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) 1974 Radiological Internship, Informal study on radiological techniques and interpretation with Rory Fischer, Chief of Radiological Services, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto 1974 Archaeologist, Amber burial site (60 miles from Calgary, Alberta) 1973 Archaeologist, survey of the Cedarwood Community Development Area, Pickering, Ontario, for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 1972 Archaeological surveyor for the Metropolitan Toronto area, supervisor, Dr. V. Conrad 1969-1971 Osteologist, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto, supervisor the late Dr. P.C. Hartney 1968-1969 Excavator at the Glen Williams Ossuary, under the supervision of the late Dr. P.C. Hartney and the late Dr. H.G. Savage, University of Toronto   Administrative: 2000-present Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, General Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas 1995-2000 College Master/Assistant Dean, General Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas 1997-1999 Associate Undergraduate Dean, The University of Texas at Dallas 1994-1995 Assistant to the Dean, General Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas 1992 Acting Associate Registrar, University College, University of Toronto 1985 Acting Associate Registrar, New College, University of Toronto 1983 (fall) Acting Assistant Registrar, Trinity College, University of Toronto 1975-1977 (summers) Administrative Assistant, Faculty Office, Arts and Science, University of Toronto 1975-1984 Examination Chief Presiding Officer, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto