Shengwang Du

Professor - Physics
Tags: Physics

Professional Preparation

PhD - Physics
University of Colorado Boulder - 2005
MS - Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder - 2002
MS - Physics
Peking University - 1999
BS - Electrical Engineering
Nanjing University - 1996
Minor - Computer Science
Nanjing University - 1995

Research Areas

AMO Physics
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics: Laser Cooling and Trapping
Quantum Optics
Quantum Information Science, Quantum Networks, Optical Neural Networks
Optical Imaging
Optical microscopies for material nanostructures and bioimaging. 


Dual beam-shear differential interference microscopy for full-field surface deformation gradient characterization 2020 - Journal Article
Efficient production of a narrow-line erbium magneto-optical trap with two-stage slowing 2020 - Journal Article
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Energy-Time Entanglement of Narrow-Band Biphotons 2020 - Journal Article
δ -Quench Measurement of a Pure Quantum-State Wave Function 2019 - Journal Article
Light sheets with extended length 2019 - Journal Article
Visualization of Protein Sorting at the Trans-Golgi Network and Endosomes Through Super-Resolution Imaging 2019 - Journal Article
Measuring optical beam shear angle of polarizing prisms beyond the diffraction limit with localization method 2019 - Journal Article
RIM and RIM-BP Form Presynaptic Active-Zone-like Condensates via Phase Separation 2019 - Journal Article
Anti-Parity-Time Symmetric Optical Four-Wave Mixing in Cold Atoms 2019 - Journal Article
All-optical neural network with nonlinear activation functions 2019 - Journal Article


The University of Texas at Dallas [2021–Present]
Department of Physics
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [2017–2020]
Department of Physics, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Associate Professor
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [2013–2017]
Department of Physics
Assistant Professor
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [2008–2012]
Department of Physics
Postdoctoral Scholar
Stanford University [2005–2008]
Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory


Elected Member - The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences (YASHK) [2020]
Fellow - The American Physical Society (APS) [2019]
Fellow - The Optical Society (OSA) [2019]

News Articles

Researchers Demonstrate All-Optical Neural Network for Deep Learning
New approach could enable parallel computation with light


Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 West Campbell Rd
Richardson, Texas 75080 USA