Donald Hicks

Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy
Tags: Public Policy Political Economy

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Sociology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - 1976
B.A. - Sociology
Indiana University - 1969

Research Areas

Research Interests

My research and consulting activities have been focused on the economic and industrial dynamics of scientific discovery and technological innovation, with special focus on processes of emerging technologies and industries. Current research includes studies on prospects for anticipating demand for ultraprecision composite and nanoscale production, “designer materials,” toolsets and precision manufacturing processes; the role of venture capital investment in regional/industrial transformation; value creation in bioscience commercialization; the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in health care service transformation; and timetomarket competitive pressures on product innovation and industry change. Since 2006, I have served as Special Assistant to President Daniel. In this role I seek to extend the “reach” of UTD’s influence by creating/developing relationships and thickening institutional interactions and collaboration between universitybased research activities and industrial and commercial activities in North Texas and beyond. Currently, I am guiding the development of four strategic initiatives that engage a variety of centers of research and education across the university and target convergence opportunities at the intersection of key regional industrial and technology competencies. In addition, I continue to teach in the Public Policy and Political Economy graduate program and conduct research with - and supervise dissertation research - with several graduate students in both the EPPS and Economics graduate programs.


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Rediscovering Urban America: Perspectives on the 1980s, (Co-editor with J. Sommer), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., January, 1993. 1993 - Publication


Assistant to the President
The University of Texas at Dallas [2006–Present]
Senior Research Fellow
University of Texas at Austin [2000–Present]
Vice Chair
The University of Texas at Dallas [1989–1996]
Senior Consultant
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport [1989–1991]
North Texas Commission
Vice President
North Texas Commission [1986–1989]
Senior Urban Policy Staff
President's Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties, Washington, DC [1980–1981]
Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
The University of Texas at Dallas [1976–1978]
Professor of Political Economy and Public Policy
Teaching Assistant
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC [1973–1975]


1988–1988 Regional Development Conference, Wharton Center for Applied Research, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, April, 1988.
The Link between Environmental Concerns, Regional Urban Systems, and International Competitiveness,
1995–1995 Urban Land Institute 1995 Spring Meeting, May 10-13, 1995, San Antonio, Texas.
Vertical Disintegration and Endogenous Adjustment in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry
1997–1997 24th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), Leuven, Belgium, September 1997.
Time Wars: Is There a Financial Undertow from Accelerating Technical Advance?
1997–1997 Sigma Xi Annual Forum, Crystal City, VA, Nov. 1997.
1995–1995 Spillover and Appropriation: Regional Economic Returns to I-T Investments and Endowments (w/ S. Nivin) Paper presented at 1) International Telecommunications Society (ITS) Conference (Sept. 1-3) and 2) European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE) Conference (Sept. 3-6), 1995, Juan les Pins (Nice), France.

Additional Information

  • Doctoral Dissertation Advisor
    • CHAIR, Ling-chun Hung, Market Entry and Market Value: Linking Drug Innovation to Financial Performance in the U.S. Biotechnology Industry.
    • CHAIR, D. Jeffrey Keyser, U.S. Drug Discovery, Development, and Market Exclusivity, (in progress).
    • CHAIR, Larry Chasteen (School of Management), Cluster Formation and Growth Dynamics in a Regional Context (Summer 2003).
    • CHAIR, Timothy McDonough, Modeling Broadband Service Deployment Controlling for Spatial Dependencies (Spring 2003).
    • CHAIR, Yeonwoo Lee, The Effects of Dynamics Processes on Metro-Scale Productivity, (Spring 2002).
    • CO-CHAIR, Thomas Tunstall, Information Technology Outsourcing Determinants and Public Policy, May 2000.
    • CHAIR, Vinod Sutaria, The Dynamics of New Firm Formation: The Case of The Texas Manufacturing Sector: 1976-81. (Spring 1999).
    • CHAIR, Steven R. Nivin, Regional Innovation Potential: The Case of the Machine Tool Industry, (May 1998).
    • CHAIR, Si-gyoung Lee, Regional Income and Employment Effects of Federal Contract Research and Development Funds in U.S. Metropolitan Areas. (May 1991).
    • CHAIR, C. Z. Pann, Developmental Features of the U.S. Telecommunications Equipment Industry," (May 1991).
    • CHAIR, Harold Gross, Policy Options in Response to the Industrial Life Cycle: The Texas Gulf Coast Rice Farming Industry, (May 1984).
  • University Committees [Note: update with green sheets]
    • Institutional Review Board, UT-Dallas, 2001- 2003
    • University Information Resources Security Committee (1997-98; 1998-99)
    • Committee on Distance Learning (1997-98; 1998-99)
    • Faculty-Administration Steering Committee of the Cecil and Ida Green Center for the Study of Science and Society, 1997.
    • Committee on Qualifications, 1995-97, 1991-93
    • Strategic Planning Committee, 1995-96
    • University Research Integrity Committee, 1995-Present
    • Committee on Intellectual Property, Vice Chair, 1989-92
    • Anson Clark Memorial Committee, 1991
    • Faculty Standing and Conduct, 1991-92
    • Faculty Handbook, 1989-90
    • University Library Committee, Chair, 1985-86, 1986-87
    • Committee on Planning and Effectiveness, Chair, 1986-87
    • Academic Senate, 1986-87, 1985-86, 1981-82
    • Academic Council, 1985-86
    • Committee on Research, Chair, 1982-83
    • Committee on Faculty Standing and Conduct, Chair, 1983-84
    • UT-D Organized Research Committee, 1983
    • Committee on Educational Policy, 1975-76.
    • In addition, I have served as chair and member of numerous dean and faculty search committees, ad hoc review committees, and school committees. Also, I have served as internship advisor for several graduate and undergraduate students.
Senior Research Fellow, IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin; appointment Feb. 2000.
Sigma Xi election, 1997
Postdoctoral Fellow, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, 1982-83
Postdoctoral Fellow, Gerontological Society, Research Program, 1977-78
Travel Award, International Congress of Gerontology, American Executive Committee, IGA, Full Travel Award, Tokyo, Japan, 1978
Listed in several biographical reference collections.

National Institutes of Mental Health Predoctoral Training Fellowship, University of North Carolina, 1969-70; 1972-75
Phi Beta Kappa, 1969; Graduation with Distinction (College of Arts and Sciences) and Departmental Honors; Woodrow Wilson fellowship (Honorable Mention); Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta and Classics (?) scholastic honoraries; Indiana University Merit Scholarship, 1965-69; Bob Hope Scholarship, 1967-68 and 1968-69, Elvis J. Starr Distinguished Senior Award (Semifinalist); Indiana University, 1969.
  • 1975 - Present Lieutenant, USNR-R, Inactive Status
  • 1973 - 1975 Naval Intelligence Command 607, U.S. Naval Reserve, Raleigh, NC
  • 1972 - 1973 Naval Reserve Research Company 6-6, Chapel Hill, NC
  • 1971 - 1972 Lieutenant JG, Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS), Bainbridge, MD (Active Duty) ;
  • 1971 Commissioned, U.S. Navy, Newport, RI


Literacy Project
$18,500 - North Texas Future Fund [2004–2005]
Assemblers for Nanotechnology Applications and Manufacturing
- Zyvex [2004–2018]
Ericsson/UT-Dallas OPEX Training Program
$50,000 - Ericsson Inc [2003–2004]
Life Sciences Cluster Roadmap
- Consortium of leading U.S. venture capital firms and high-tech companies seeking [2003–2004]
The Evolving DFW Metroplex Economy: Performance and Prospects
- North Texas Future Fund [2002–2003]