Duck Joo (DJ) Yang

Associate Dean of Research and Interdisciplinary Programs
Research Professor
Tags: Materials and Polymers Chemistry

Professional Preparation

EMBA - Business Administration
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School - 1982
PhD - Chemistry
University of California Berkeley - 1977
BA - Chemistry
Clark University - 1972


The Effect of Cleaning Procedures on Surface Charging of Various Substrates 1995 - Journal Article
Preparation and in-situ characterization of polycarbosilane thin films by d.c. plasma-enhanced deposition 1994 - Journal Article
Plasma polymerized organosilanes as interfacial modifiers in polymer-metal systems 1991 - Journal Article
Decarbonylation of 2-Germaacetic Acid in Aqueous Solutions 1978 - Journal Article
A Kinetic Study of the Hydrolysis of 2-Germaacetate in Neutral and Alkaline Solutions 1977 - Journal Article
Conversion of Hydrous Germanium(II) Oxide to Germynyl Sesquioxide, (HGe)2O3 1977 - Journal Article