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Diego Alins Breda

Diego Alins Breda

Assistant Professor of Instruction
JO 5.514

Professional Preparation

Ph.D - Spanish Linguistics
University of California, Davis - 2023
M.A - Spanish Linguistics
Autónoma University of Madrid (Spain) - 2017
B.A - Elementary Education
CES Don Bosco University, Madrid (Spain) - 2014

Research Areas

Second Language Acquisition
Reading in a Second Language
Vocabulary learning
Graded Readers
Open Educational Resources (OER)
Language Pedagogy


Under Review. Marcos Miguel, N., Alins Breda, D., Dykstra, S., &  Sánchez-Gutiérrez, C. (Under review). Graded Readers in the Spanish Second Language Classroom: K-12 and Higher-education Instructors’ Beliefs and Reported Practices. Reading in a Foreign Language.  - publications
Dykstra, S., Sánchez-Gutiérrez, C.H., Marcos Miguel, N. & Alins Breda, D. (2023). Reading and Affect: University Spanish Learners’ Perceptions of a Reading Program. Foreign Language Annals, 1(23).   - publications
Alins Breda, D. (2021). Do activities in graded readers promote vocabulary learning? A Technique Feature Analysis study. Revista Nebrija de Lingüística Aplicada, 15(30), 103-117. - publications
Sánchez-Gutiérrez, C.H., Robles-García, P. & Alins Breda, D. (2021). Thematic units and aspects of vocabulary knowledge in L2 Spanish textbooks. Revista Nebrija de Lingüística Aplicada, 15(31), 179-193. - publications


Graduate Teaching Award - University of California, Davis [2023]
Graduate Program Fellowship - University of California, Davis [2022]
Graduate Student Travel Award - University of California, Davis [2022]
Dissertation Writing Fellowship - University of California, Davis [2021]
Provost’s Fellowships in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - University of California, Davis [2018]


Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of California, Davis [2018–2023]
As a graduate Teaching Assistant I taught courses in: (1) Upper Division Spanish in Applied Linguistics, (2) Spanish for Heritage Speakers, (3) Intermediate Spanish, (4) Elementary Spanish, and (5) Online Spanish.


Alins Breda, D., Di Rienzo, A., Frankel, E., & Sánchez-Gutiérrez, C. (2021). Mi Primer Año en Davis. UC Davis Creative Commons
2019/09–2021/09 Mi primer año en Davis is a Graded Reader (book adapted to the proficiency level of the students) designed for Elementary Spanish language students. This book is labeled as Open Educational Resources and available for free to any language program or individual student interested in reading in Spanish.