Dean Terry

Associate Professor - ATEC
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Tags: Design & Technology

Professional Preparation

M.F.A. - Sculpture
Claremont Graduate University - 1991
B.A. - Philosophy
University of North Texas - 1989


The Lawnmower Man, Dallas Morning News, March 2005 2005 - Publication
Model Citizen or Model Consumer? Dallas Moming News, August 2005 2005 - Publication
Two Kinds of Ugm Dallas Morning News, February 2005 2005 - Publication
Fragile Cities, Dallas Morning News, October 2005 2005 - Publication
A War Worth Fighting, Dallas Video Festival Catalog, August 2005 2005 - Publication
Memory and The Loss of Community in Suburbia, Dallas Morning News, January 2005 2005 - Publication
Being Full Means Being Empty in Suburbia , Dallas Morning News December 2004 2004 - Publication
George and Betty Dallas Morning News, October 2004 2004 - Publication
On The Road to Nowhere, Dallas Morning News, September 2004 2004 - Publication
Pavlovs Consumer Dallas Morning News, May 2004 2004 - Publication


Associate Professor of Arts & Technology & Director of Emerging Media
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–2009]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–2005]
Founder & CEO
ideaRAGE [2001–2001]
Visiting Professor
California State University [2001–2002]
Senior Vice President
AtomFilms [1999–2001]
PixelWave Entertainment & Interactive Media [1997–1999]
Founder & Director
Therefore Studios [1995–1997]
Co-Founder & Head of Creative Development
3DI Games Inc. [1993–1994]
Adjunct Professor
Cypress College [1992–1993]
Creative Consultant
The Peter Norton Group/ Symantec [1991–1993]

Additional Information

  • Metoversioning Aesthetic Strategies in Advance of a Metaverse. TexElectronica
  • Conference. Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth, '1`X. 2006.
  • What is Next in Online Worlds, Austin Game Conference, 2006
  • Emerging Media and Video, Dallas Producers Association, 2006
  • Political Documentaries, Dallas Video Festival, 2005
  • Games and Film, Dallas Video Festival, 2005

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Internet World Wireless NYC (Best in Show, 2001)