Dean Terry

Associate Professor - ATEC
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Tags: Design & Technology

Professional Preparation

M.F.A. - Sculpture
Claremont Graduate University - 1991
B.A. - Philosophy
University of North Texas - 1989


The Lawnmower Man, Dallas Morning News, March 2005 2005 - Publication
Model Citizen or Model Consumer? Dallas Moming News, August 2005 2005 - Publication
Two Kinds of Ugm Dallas Morning News, February 2005 2005 - Publication
Fragile Cities, Dallas Morning News, October 2005 2005 - Publication
A War Worth Fighting, Dallas Video Festival Catalog, August 2005 2005 - Publication
Memory and The Loss of Community in Suburbia, Dallas Morning News, January 2005 2005 - Publication
Being Full Means Being Empty in Suburbia , Dallas Morning News December 2004 2004 - Publication
George and Betty Dallas Morning News, October 2004 2004 - Publication
On The Road to Nowhere, Dallas Morning News, September 2004 2004 - Publication
Pavlovs Consumer Dallas Morning News, May 2004 2004 - Publication


Associate Professor of Arts & Technology & Director of Emerging Media
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–2009]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–2005]
Founder & CEO
ideaRAGE [2001–2001]
Visiting Professor
California State University [2001–2002]
Senior Vice President
AtomFilms [1999–2001]
PixelWave Entertainment & Interactive Media [1997–1999]
Founder & Director
Therefore Studios [1995–1997]
Co-Founder & Head of Creative Development
3DI Games Inc. [1993–1994]
Adjunct Professor
Cypress College [1992–1993]
Creative Consultant
The Peter Norton Group/ Symantec [1991–1993]

Additional Information



  • Title TBD, Video Performance Art Show, Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas Texas


  • Subdivided, Hybrid Online / Documentary Film. Premiere on PBS KERA January 2007
  • Massive Change, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Digital Photography.
  • Night Train, Video Art Show, Studio 832 Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • Rhythmic Patterns, Video Painting Event, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX.


  • Moving Pictures, Video Painting Show, Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas TX
  • Subrealities, Curator, Internet An Show with National Artists and Guest Speakers including Lev Manovich.

2004 - 2006

  • 100lies. com, Mobile video art lnternet site.

2003 - 2005

  • Alt 7. com, Weblog of culture, media, politics, community, and the built environment.


  • Plano, Experimental Short Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival, national traveling exhibition.


  • Writer/ Director/Producer of numerous Internet projects published worldwide through
  •,, and Shockwavecom (see above)


  • incorrect object, Audio CD, experimental electronic audio & performances


  • Anti-Organic, Audio CD, experimental electronic audio & performances
  • 18 Minutes, Solo Performance, Foundation for Art Resources, Los Angeles
  • 26 Minutes, Solo Performance, The Spanish Kitchen, Los Angeles


  • 26 Poems, Shockwave / Director format multimedia project, web & CDROM.
  • Antecedent Condition, Solo video installation, Glendale College, Glendale, CA
  • therefore spoken, Solo performance, The Brewery, Los Angeles


  • Spinning, video an & sound release on VHS
  • Get Back, Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles


  • Gun, Video art & sound release on VHS
  • New Wdeo Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles


  • Swallow, Video art performance loop release on VHS
  • Bubbles, Video art release on VHS
  • Quiver, spoken word performance, Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles


  • Breakup, Video art performance loop release on VHS
  • Fight, Video att performance loop release on VHS
  • EAR. Bazaar, Video Installation, Federal Reserve Building, Los Angeles
  • Vex, University of Southern California


  • Whoops, Video art performance loop release on VHS
  • The California Show, University of Colorado at Boulder, Denver
  • M.F.A. Exhibition, Computer art & video, West Gallery, Claremont Graduate School


  • No Test Material on This Page, Cassette release of experimental audio
  • Therefore Artist, solo performance, Harvey Mudd College


  • therefore ll, limited edition cassette, experimental audio performances


  • therefore I, limited edition cassette, experimental audio performances

Dean Terry is Associate Professor at UT Dallas. He is the Director of the new Emerging Media & Communications (EMAC) program. He is also the founder and director of MobileLab where he conducts research in the emerging mobile space with partners Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Apple, and RIM.

He has also worked with Microsoft, Nokia, Warner Brothers, Sony, Yahoo, and many others. He regularly presents his ideas at major technology conferences including Supernova and GigaOm's Mobilize, and has also won Best of Show at CTIA Wireless.

Terry is a transmedia artist and technologist. His most recent media project is the critically acclaimed documentary film Subdivided which was recently broadcast on PBS stations. His video and film projects have screened at the USA Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and Houston International Film Festival and others.

He is currently producing a new technology themed digital film. He frequently curates technology related art shows including Real Time at the Contemporary. Terry has written numerous cultural commentary articles for The Dallas Morning News and other publications.

Dean Terry is also an emerging media entrepreneur and is the founder of placethings, a mobile location based media startup. He was co-founder of PixelWave which sold to AtomFilms (AtomShockwave) and subsequently to Viacom. He holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.


Emerging Media, Virtual Worlds, Internet & New Media Art, Digital Video &. Video Art, Sound Art / Digital Audio, New Media Theory & Aesthetics, Documentary Film Production, Interactive Narrative, History of Experimental Film & Video, 3D Animation, Meta-media Installation, Interaction & Interface Design, Drawing, Panting, Design, Aesthetics, History of Western Philosophy.