David Murchison

Clinical Professor - Biological Sciences
Tags: Biology

Professional Preparation

M.M.S. - Biomaterials Research & Test Design
St. Francis University - 2003
Fellowship - Certificate in Biomaterials Research - Dental Biomaterials
Indiana University School of Dentistry - 1991
D.D.S - Dentistry
Baylor College of Dentistry - 1980
B.S. - Zoology
University of Arkansas - 1977


Civilian Consultant to the USAF Surgeon General for Dental Materials and Restorative Dentistry
United States Air Force [2013–Present]
Adjunct Professor
Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry [2011–Present]
Department of Orthodontics
Dean, USAF Post-Graduate Dental Education Programs
United States Air Force [2005–2007]
Military Consultant to the USAF Surgeon General for Graduate & Continuing Dental Education
United States Air Force [2005–2007]
Military Consultant to the USAF Surgeon General for General Dentistry
United States Air Force [2004–2005]
Clinical Professor - Department of General Dentistry, Division of Operative Dentistry
University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio [2004–2010]
Clinical Associate Professor - Department of Biomaterials
Louisiana State University School of Dentistry [1993–1996]
Commission on Dental Accreditation Consultant
American Dental Association [1992–2000]


Legion of Merit - United States Air Force [2010]
Diplomate - American Board Of General Dentistry [1996]
Master - Academy of General Dentistry [1995]
Fellow - International College of Dentists [1995]
Diplomate - Federal Services Board Of General Dentistry [1989]

News Articles

UT Dallas Dental Expert to Consult for Air Force Surgeon General
Dr. David Murchison, a senior lecturer in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UT Dallas, has been appointed Civilian National Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and Dental Materials to the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General. Murchison, a retired Air Force colonel with 30 years of service, joined the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in 2010. In addition to his teaching duties, Murchison advises pre-dental students through the Health Professions Advising Center, works with the Pre-Dental Student Association, and speaks to freshmen who are considering careers in dentistry. He also is a clinical professor at Baylor College of Dentistry. Civilian national consultants to the Surgeon General of the Air Force serve as ambassadors to their specialty fields. Consultants advise the Air Force Medical and Dental Services on managing residencies and continuing education programs, and serve as clinical subject matter experts.
They Can Handle the ‘Tooth’ - New Course Preps Would-Be Dentists
Students taking notes in the shadow of a 4-foot tooth displayed on the wall of a Science Learning Center classroom were in uncharted territory: the new Oral Histology class, the first UT Dallas course designed specifically for aspiring dentists.

Led by retired Col. David Murchison, DDS, former director of dental policy and operations for the United States Air Force, the course teaches students the structure and function of the cells and tissues in the mouth and related regions.  Murchison weaves lectures with insights from his personal clinical experiences and treatment developments in many of the specialties in the field of dentistry.


BIOL 4385 - Oral Histology and Embryology
BIOL 4385 - Oral Histology and Embryology (3 semester credit hours) This course provides exposure to and broad coverage of maxillofacial and oral histological structures and embryology of the face, neck, and teeth using lectures and electronic images of calcified and soft tissues. 
BIOL 3385 - Medical Histology
BIOL 3385 - Medical Histology (3 semester credit hours) This course provides an introduction to basic cell and tissue histology to students preparing to pursue a career in the health sciences. The course outlines a histological structure-function relationship including a survey of tissue types, osseous histology and structures, muscle histology, neuronal histology, and those of the special senses. The course employs virtual histology using electronic images of calcified and soft tissue cells.


Editorial Board Member - The Merck Manuals
Editorial board members act as independent peer reviewers for chapters on medical and dental topics, and assist the editorial staff of physicians and professional medical writers in providing both a Professional Version for detailed medical information for health care professionals and students, and a Consumer Version which is easier to understand covering the same topics as the professional version but focused on patients, parents and caregivers.