Daniel Wickberg

Associate Professor - Arts And Humanities
Tags: American Intellectual History Historiography and Methods history of modern social thought HIST ARHM IDEA

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - American Studies
Yale University - 1993
M.S. - History
University of California at Los Angeles - 1986
B.A. - History
Reed College - 1982

Research Areas

  • American history 1607-present; Anglo-American history of ideas; cultural studies; American studies; history of social thought; nineteenth- and twentieth-century American intellectual and cultural history and historiography; historical thought and methods; interdisciplinary approaches to history.


The Idea of Historical Context and the Intellectual Historian, in Raymond Haberski and Andrew Hartman, eds., American Labyrinth: Essays in U.S. Intellectual History (Cornell University Press, 2018) 2018 - publications
“Intellectual-A Historiographical Survey,” in Routledge History of the Twentieth-Century United States, Darren Dochuk and Jerald Podair, eds. (Routledge, 2018):116-126 2018 - publications
“Review of Jeremy C. Young, The Age of Charisma: Leaders, Followers, and Emotions in American Society, 1870-1940,” Journal of Social History (October 2017): 
2017 - publications
“Antimodernism as Counter Culture: T.J. Jackson Lears’s No Place of Grace: Antimodernism and the Transformation of American Culture 1880-1920,” U.S. Intellectual History Blog, January 24,    2016 - publications
“Review of Joel Isaac, James T. Kloppenberg, Michael O’Brien and Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen eds. The Worlds of American Intellectual History,” History: Review of New Books 46.3 (December 2016): 68-69.  2016 - publications
“Waiting for My Man: Review of Mark Greif, The Age of the Crisis of Man, U.S. Intellectual History Blog May 13,  2015 - publications
In the Environment of Ideas: Arthur O. Lovejoy and the History of Ideas as a Form of Cultural History, Modern Intellectual History 11.2 (August 2014): 439-64 2014 - publications
Modernisms Endless: Ironies of the American Mid-Century, Modern Intellectual History 10.1 (April 2013); 207-219 2013 - publications
“Reflections on the Edges of Historical Thinking: Review of Kerwin Lee Klein, From History to Theory,” U.S. Intellectual History Blog, March 26,     2013 - publications
“The Present and Future of American Intellectual History,” U.S. Intellectual HistoryBlog, April 3, 2012 2012 - publications


Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2002–Present]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [1996–2002]
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Colgate University [1993–1996]
Part-time Acting Instructor
Yale University [1988–1988]
Teaching Fellow
Yale University [1987–1989]

Additional Information

 Daniel Wickberg has taught at Yale University, Colgate University, and UT Dallas. He has expertise in the history of American social thought, modern American culture, Anglo-American intellectual history and historical thought/ historiography. Wickberg's primary long-term interests lay in the intersections between the cultural history of emotions, the history of selfhood, and the history of keywords. His first book, The Senses of Humor: Self and Laughter in American Culture, was published in 1998 by Cornell University Press, and was reissued in paperback in 2015. This work looks at the origins and development of the idea of the sense of humor as a personality trait and a cultural value as a way of getting at larger issues of selfhood and society in modern America. He is currently developing several projects, including a series of essays on cultural and intellectual historiography. His book, The Idea of Tradition in a Culture of Progress: Thinking About the Past and Future in Postwar America, will be published by University of Chicago Press. His work seeks to revivify an approach to cultural history that focuses on the centrality of cultural sensibilities; his essay "What is the History of Sensibilities? On Cultural Histories Old and New," a statement of that approach, appeared in the June 2007 issue of the American Historical Review. His essays and reviews have also appeared in a number of other journals, including The Journal of American History, Critical Inquiry, Intellectual History Newsletter, Journal of Social History, American Studies,  Reviews in American History, and Modern Intellectual History. He served as President of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History (SUSIH) 2013-2015, and has served on the editorial board of the journal Modern Intellectual History since 2013.

  • Special Faculty Development Assignment, University of Texas at Dallas Fall 2019
  • Special Faculty Development Assignment, University of Texas at Dallas 2015-2016
  • Victor Worsfold Outstanding Teaching Award, School of Arts and Humanities,  University of Texas at Dallas, 2010-11
  • Special Faculty Development Assignment, University of Texas at Dallas, 2005-2006
  •  National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2005-06
  •  Special Faculty Development Assignment, University of Texas at Dallas, Spring 2004
  •  Yale Nominee, Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize for Best Dissertation in American Studies, 1993
  •  Paul C. Gignilliat Dissertation Fellowship, 1992
  •  Yale Dissertation Fellowship, 1991
  •  John F. Enders Dissertation Research Grant, 1988-89
  •  Yale Prize Teaching Fellowship Nominee, Spring 1988
  •  Yale University Fellowship, Fall 1986-Spring 1990
  •  Phi Beta Kappa, May 1982
  • Program Coordinator, Historical Studies/History of Ideas, 2016-19
  • Chair, History Major Revision Committee, 2017-2018
  • A&H Curriculum Committee, 2017-2019
  • Chair, A&H Curriculum Committee subcommittee on ARHM 3342, 2017-2019
  • Chair, Watson Professorship Search Committee, 2016-17
  • Chair, U.S. History Search Committee, 2014-15
  • Chair, University Library Committee, 2013-15
  • Tenure Review Committee, A&H 2013-14
  • Graduate Task Force, A&H 2013
  • Research Advisory Committee, UTD 2011-13
  • Peer Review Committee, A&H, 2012--2014
  • Tenure Review Committee, A&H, 2012-2013
  • Tenure Review Committee, A&H, 2011-2012
  • Graduate Studies Committee, A&H, 2011-2013
  • Chair, Ad Hoc Third-Year Review Committee, A&H, 2010-2011
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  • Chair, Philosophy Search Committee, A&H, 2008-2009
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  •  American Studies Lecture Series Committee Member and Co-Chair, Yale 1986-1988