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Christina Thompson

Christina Thompson

Assoc. Prof. of Instruction - Honors College
BSB 11.669

Professional Preparation

PhD - Chemistry
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign - 2008
B.S. - Chemistry
Texas A&M University - 2002

Research Areas

I work in the lab of Ron Smaldone creating novel, ultra-low density materials. These materials have the potential to be used for diverse applications, ranging from clean energy storage to biomolecule stabilization due to their modular design. 


2D-Covalent Organic Frameworks with Interlayer Hydrogen Bonding Oriented through Designed Nonplanarity
2020 - publications
Computational and Experimental Studies on the Effects of Monomer Planarity on Covalent Organic Framework Formation 
2017 - publications
Design Principles for Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks for Applications in Energy Storage  2017 - publications
Teaching Science Through Video Games  2017 - publications
Small Molecule Library Synthesis  Using Segmented Flow  2011 - publications
The Total Synthesis and Cytoprotective Properties of Dykellic Acid  2009 - publications

News Articles

UTD Students and Faculty Build On-Campus Bee Program
At UTD You Can Get A Scholarship for Mastering a Game Inspired By Minecraft


UT Dallas Apiary - I work as part of a team to keep a healthy apiary of bees for student education. Giving students the ability to interact with bees in person gives them a unique perspective on these pollinators that can't be gained in a classroom.
Faculty Advisor for the Clark Program - 
Faculty Advisor for First Generation in STEM - I advise a student organization for First Generation Students in STEM, aimed at helping these students learn about career paths and navigate STEM classes.