Christopher Hinkle

Associate Professor - Materials Science & Engineering
Tags: Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

B.S. - Physics
North Carolina State University - 2018
Ph - Physics
North Carolina State University - 2018


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S. Mohammed, M. T. Nimmo, A. V. Malko, and C. L. Hinkle, "Chemical bonding and defect states of LPCVD grown silicon-rich Si3N4 for quantum dot applications," accepted Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (2013). 2013 - Publication
X. Qin, B. Brennan, H. Dong, J. Kim, C. L. Hinkle, and R. M. Wallace, "In situ atomic layer deposition study of HfO2 growth on NH4OH and atomic hydrogen treated Al0.25Ga0.75N," Journal of Applied Physics 113, 244102 (2013). 2013 - Publication
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H. Dong, W. Cabrera, R. V. Galatage, Santosh KC, B. Brennan, X. Qin, S. McDonnell, D. Zhernokletov, C. L. Hinkle, K. Cho, Y. J. Chabal, and R. M. Wallace, "Indium diffusion through high-k dielectrics in high-k/InP stacks," Applied Physics Letters 103, 061601 (2013). 2013 - Publication


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2009–Present]
Research Scientist
University of Texas at Dallas [2008–2009]