Carole Lester

Lecturer I - Arts And Humanities
Tags: US History Texas History World History

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - American History
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
M.A. - Humanities (History of Ideas concentration)
University of Texas at Dallas
B.A. - American Studies
University of Texas at Dallas
Associate - Arts and Science
Dallas County Community College District Richland College


 Telecourse Scripts for DCCCD Telecourse entitled Government by Consent, Scripts entitled "Texas Government and Religion" and “The Government and Mass Media"  - publications
 “GREEN Richland: Creating sustainable Local and World Community”  2008 - Publication
 "Institutional Transformation at Richland College"  2003 - Publication


  • Co-Presenter “Life in the 21st Century, We Weren’t Ready for the Ride,” Pacific Western Regional Conference, Community College Humanities Association, San Francisco, California, November, 1996. 
  • “World War II and Fifty Years Later, or How to Understand Your Grandparents,” National Conference, Community College Humanities Association, Washington D.C., November, 1995 
  • Co-Presenter “Teaching Diversity in an Honors Learning Community,” Eastern Regional Conference, Community College Humanity Association, Providence, Rhode Island, November, 1994.
  • “Watch the Skies: Radio, Panic and Public Perception,” Radio Session, Popular Culture Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois, April, 1994. 
  • "Duly Elected? The 1922 Texas Senatorial Election, The Ku Klux Klan and the Texas Newspapers," Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, May, 1993. (Third place) conference writing competition. 
  • "Like Dried Blossoms in the Wind, The Literary, Cinematic and Historical Images of Nineteenth Century Woman on the Texas Frontier" Women in History Session, Popular Culture Association Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, April, 1993.
  • "Out of the Fire: The Great Frontier and the Mythic Images of the Vietnam War," Phi Alpha Theta Session, Southwest Social Science Association , Fort Worth, Texas, March 28-31, 1990.