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Caitlin Maynard

Caitlin Maynard

Assistant Professor of Instruction - Biological Sciences
+1 (972) 883-4295

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Molecular Developmental Biology
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine - 2013
B.S. - Biology
Xavier University - 2006


A WNT4- and DKK3-driven canonical to noncanonical Wnt signaling switch controls multiciliogenesis 2023 - Journal Article
Cyp26b1 restrains murine heart valve growth during development 2021 - Other
LATS1/2 suppress NFκB and aberrant EMT initiation to permit pancreatic progenitor differentiation. 2019 - Journal Article
Afadin and RhoA control pancreatic endocrine mass via lumen morphogenesis 2017 - Journal Article
Role of CD34 family members in lumen formation in the developing kidney 2016 - Journal Article
Wnt4 is essential to normal mammalian lung development 2015 - Journal Article
The Elusive Pancreatic Stem Cell 2015 - Other
Transcriptional Control of Cell Lineage Development in Epicardium-Derived Cells 2013 - Journal Article

Additional Information

- American Society for Cell Biology
- Society for Developmental Biology
- American Heart Association