Bing Lv

Assistant Professor - Physics
Tags: Physics

Research Areas

My research area is in experimental condensed matter physic and materials physics. Our research interests are included but not limited to:  1) Searching for and physics studies of new classes of unconventional superconductors; 2) Structure and properties relationship for complex strongly correlated electron systems, multi-interaction systems (such as charge and/or spin order), and polar intermetallics along the Zintl border;  3) Explorative searching for new compounds which exhibit diverse structural, electronic, superconducting, magnetic, multiferroic, and optical properties;  4) High performance of thermoelectric, thermal conducting, organic-inorganic hybrid photovoltaic materials with energy applications.  We will utilize wide range of synthetic methods to grow high quality of both polycrystalline and large singe crystalline materials, and then investigate various physical properties of these materials upon different temperatures, magnetic fields, and pressures.

News Articles

Heat-Conducting Crystals Could Help Computer Chips Keep Their Cool
If your laptop or cellphone starts to feel warm after playing hours of video games or running too many apps at one time, those devices are actually doing their job.

Whisking heat away from the circuitry in a computer’s innards to the outside environment is critical: Overheated computer chips can make programs run slower or freeze, shut the device down altogether or cause permanent damage.