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Bingzhe Li

Bingzhe Li

Assistant Professor - Computer Science

Research Interests: Memory and storage systems, DNA storage, systems for machine learning, and low-cost computing architecture.

+1 (972) 883-4214
Personal Lab Website

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities - 2018
M.S. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities - 2013
B.S. - Electrical Engineering
East China Jiaotong University - 2010

Research Areas

Lab for Intelligent Storage and Computing
Computer Systems and Storage System Security including:

  • Intelligent and Emerging Storage Systems (e.g., DNA storage, ML for systems, etc.)
  • Systems for Big Data Applications (e.g., Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc.)
  • Energy-efficient and Low-power Computing Architecture


Shen, Z., Tang, Q., Zhou, T., Zhang, Y., Jia, Z., Yu, D., Zhang, Z. and Li, B. ASHL: An Adaptive Multi-stage Distributed Deep Learning Training Scheme for Heterogeneous Environments. IEEE. 2023 - Journal Article
Edwin, Y., Sha, H., Zhuge, Q., Xua, R., Xu, X., Li, B.and Yang, L. Hardware-aware neural architecture search for stochastic computing-based neural networks on tiny devices. Elsevier North-Holland, Inc. 2023 - Journal Article
Prince, B., Najafi, H. M.,  and Li, B. Scalable Low-Cost Sorting Network with Weighted Bit-Streams. IEEE. 2023 - Conference Paper
Wei, Q., Li, Y., Jia, Z., Zhao, M., Shen, Z. and Li, B. Reinforcement Learning-Assisted Management for Convertible SSDs. IEEE. 2023 - Conference Paper
Wen, H., Cao, Z., Li, B., Du, D., Abouelwafa, A., Voigt, D., Liu, S., Diehl, J. and Wu, F. K8sES: Optimizing Kubernetes with Enhanced Storage Service-Level Objectives. IEEE.  2023 - Conference Paper
Shen, Z., Yang, Y., Pan, Y., Zhang, Y., Jia, Z., Cai, X., Li, B., Shao, Z.A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning-Assisted Cache Cleaning Scheme for DM-SMR. IEEE. 2022 - Journal Article
Wei, Y., Li, B., Du, D. H. C.  DNA Storage: A Promising Large Scale Archival Storage? 2022 - Other
Li, Y., Du, D., Ou, L. and Li, B. HL-DNA: A Hybrid Lossy/Lossless Encoding Scheme to Enhance DNA Storage Density and Robustness for Images. IEEE.  2022 - Conference Paper


University of Texas at Dallas [2023–Present]
Digital Logic and Computer Design
Oklahoma State University [2021–2023]
Computer Architecture
Oklahoma State University [2021–2021]
Integrated Circuit Design
Oklahoma State University [2020–2021]
VLSI Digital System Design
Teaching Assistant
University of Minnesota [2018–2020]
Advanced Computer Networks and Their Applications
Teaching Assistant
University of Minnesota [2016–2018]
Computer Systems Performance Measurement and Evaluation