Bilal Akin

Associate Professor - Electrical Engineering
Tags: Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering

Professional Preparation

Texas A&M University - 2007
METU, Ankara - 2003
METU, Ankara - 2000

Research Areas

Research Areas
  • Power Electronics, Digital Power Control and Management
  • Design and Control of Electric Motors & Drives
  • Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
  • Renewable and Smart Energy Systems
  • Fault Diagnosis & Condition Monitoring of Industrial Components and Energy Conversion Units
  • DSP Based Energy Conversion Systems, Power Electronics and Industry Applications
  • Applications of Modern Control Theory and Signal Processing to Energy Systems and Industrial Processes


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B. Akin, C. Clearman "Optimizing real-time performance and efficiency through intelligent motor control" in EETimes Magazine, Issue 1585, July 2010. 2010 - Publication


Systems and Applications Engineer
Texas Instruments, Inc. [2008–2012]
R&D Engineer
Toshiba International Corporation [2005–2008]
Research Assistant
Texas A&M University [2003–2005]
Research Assistant
Middle East Technical University [2000–2003]
R&D Engineer
TUBITAK [1999–2000]

News Articles

Researcher to Develop Early Detection Systems for Electrical Failure
When electrical systems fail, there are unexpected interruptions and serious safety issues that can easily account for millions of dollars in repair costs.
That’s why Dr. Bilal Akin, assistant professor of electrical engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, is working to create tools that will allow self-monitoring systems that recognize the possibility of failure at the earliest stage.