Rodrigo Bernal

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
ECSW 4.355E
Tags: Mechanical Engineering

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University - 2014
B. Sc. - Electronics Engineering
Universidad de los Andes - 2007
B.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering
Universidad de los Andes - 2007

Research Areas

Mechanical properties of nanomaterials
Multiphysics phenomena at the nanoscale
Electron Microscopy


In situ electron microscopy four-point electromechanical characterization of freestanding metallic and semiconducting nanowires 2014 - Journal Article
Atomistic mechanical testing of nanostructures - Seeing the invisible and bridging theory and experiments 2013 - Conference Paper
A review of mechanical and electromechanical properties of piezoelectric nanowires 2012 - Journal Article
Atom probe tomography of a-axis GaN nanowires: Analysis of nonstoichiometric evaporation behavior 2012 - Journal Article
In situ TEM electromechanical testing of nanowires and nanotubes 2012 - Journal Article
In-Situ TEM Electromechanical Testing of Nanowires and Nanotubes 2012 - Book
Individual GaN nanowires exhibit strong piezoelectricity in 3D 2012 - Journal Article
Nucleation-controlled distributed plasticity in penta-twinned silver nanowires 2012 - Journal Article
Characterizing atomic composition and dopant distribution in wide band gap semiconductor nanowires using laser-assisted atom probe tomography 2011 - Journal Article
Effect of growth orientation and diameter on the elasticity of GaN nanowires. A combined in situ TEM and atomistic modeling investigation 2011 - Journal Article