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Rodrigo Bernal

Rodrigo Bernal

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
ECSW 4.355E
Nanomechanical Multiphysics Lab

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University - 2014
B.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering
Universidad de los Andes - 2007
B. Sc. - Electronics Engineering
Universidad de los Andes - 2007

Research Areas

Mechanical properties of nanomaterials
Multiphysics phenomena at the nanoscale
Electron Microscopy


Nanoscale Adhesion and Material Transfer at 2D MoS2–MoS2 Interfaces Elucidated by In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy and Atomistic Simulations 2024 - Journal Article
Electromigration Lifetime of Penta-Twinned Gold Nanowires: Implications for Flexible Electronics 2024 - Journal Article
Biolistic delivery of liposomes protected in metal-organic frameworks 2023 - Journal Article
Influence of surface roughness on the transient interfacial phenomena in laser impact welding 2022 - Journal Article
High-throughput tensile testing of silver nanowires 2022 - Journal Article
Current density at failure of twinned silver nanowires 2022 - Journal Article
On the application of Weibull statistics for describing strength of micro and nanostructures 2021 - Journal Article
Visualization of nanoscale wear mechanisms in ultrananocrystalline diamond by in-situ TEM tribometry 2019 - Journal Article