Ashiq Ali

Charles and Nancy Davidson Chair in Accounting
Endowed Professorship - Management
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Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Graduate Business
Columbia University - 1987
MBA - Finance
Indian Institue of Managerment - 1981
B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology - 1979


A Second Look at the Negative Earnings Effect (Ashiq Ali and April Klein) Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer 1994. 22. The Incremental Information Content of Earnings, Working Capital from Operations, and Cash Flows (Ashiq Ali) Journal of Accounting Research, Spring 1994: 61 - 74. [Synopsis included in The CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts Digest)] 1994 - Publication
Analysts' Use of Information about Permanent and Transitory Earnings Components in Forecasting Annual EPS (Ashiq Ali, April Klein and James Rosenfeld) The Accounting Review, January 1992: 183 - 198. Synopsis included in The CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) Digest, Winter 1993.) 1993 - Publication
Earnings Management under Pension Accounting Standards: SFAS 87 vs. APB 8 (Ashiq Ali and Krishna Kumar) Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Fall 1993: 427 - 446. 1993 - Publication
Permanent Versus Transitory Components of Annual Earnings and Estimation Error in Earnings Response Coefficients (Ashiq Ali and Paul Zarowin) Journal of Accounting and Economics, June 1992: 249 - 264. 1992 - Publication
The Role of Earnings Levels in Annual Earnings-Returns Studies (Ashiq Ali and Paul Zarowin) Journal of Accounting Research, Autumn 1992: 286 - 296. 1992 - Publication


Charles and Nancy Davidson Chaired Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2011–Present]
Charles and Nancy Davidson Distinguished Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2006–2011]
Ashbel Smith Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2004–2006]
University of Arizona [2003–2004]
Associate Professor
University of Arizona [1995–2003]
Visiting Assistant Professor
Columbia University [1991–1992]
Assistant Professor
New York University [1987–1995]
New York University [1986–1987]
Executive Assistant to Vice President
Blue Star Limited [1981–1982]

Additional Information



University of Texas at Dallas
Committee on Educational Policy, 2004-present (UTD)

University of Arizona
Writing Proficiency Exam Grading Workgroup, 1997
Graduate Representative for Oral Exams, several times during 1996-2002


University of Texas at Dallas

Search Committee, Associate Dean for Executive Education, 2008-2009
Executive Education Committee, 2004-present
Research and PhD Committee, 2004-present
Promotion and Tenure Review Committees, Finance and ISOM Departments

University of Arizona
Department Head Review Committee, 2003-2004
College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, 2003-2004
Finance Department Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, 2003-2004
MBA Director and Associate Dean Search Committee, 2001-present
College Advisory Committee, 1996-1997
College Ph.D. and Research Committee, 1995-1997, 2003-2004
Committee for Graduate Study, 1998-1999
College Space Committee, 1999-2000
Instructor for the Weekend MBA program, 1998-present
Instructor for the Electronic Classroom MBA program, 2001-present
Instructor for the Business Basics Program, May 1999, September 2000, February 2001

New York University
Affirmative Action Committee, 1990-91
Computer Resources Committee, 1989-90


University of Texas at Dallas
Chair, Recruiting Committee, 2004-present
Co-Supervised, Workshop Speaker Series, 2005-present
Chair and Ad hoc member, Promotion and Tenure Review Committees
Research and PhD Committee, 2004-present

University of Arizona
Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1995-present
Professional Activities Report Committee, 1995-present
Ph. D. Committee, 1995-present
Recruiting Committee, 1995-present
Chair, Undergraduate Financial Accounting Curriculum Review Committee, 1995-1996
Committee for Post-Tenure Review Guidelines, 1997
Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Preparation and Grading, 1995-2001