Ashiq Ali

Charles and Nancy Davidson Chair in Accounting
Endowed Professorship - Management
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Tags: Acounting

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Graduate Business
Columbia University - 1987
MBA - Finance
Indian Institue of Managerment - 1981
B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology - 1979


Short Sales Constraints and Momentum in Stock Returns. With M. A. Trombley. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. 33.3-4. (2006): 587-615. 2006 - Publication
Changes in Institutional Ownership and Subsequent Earnings Announcement Abnormal Returns. With C. Durtschi, B. Lev, and M. Trombley. Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance. 19. 3. Summer 2004: 221-248. 2004 - Publication
Arbitrage Risk and the Book-to-Market Anomaly. With L. Hwang and M. Trombley. Journal of Financial Economics. 69. 2. August 2003: 355-373. 2003 - Publication
Residual-Income-Based Valuation Predicts Future Stock Returns: Evidence on Mispricing versus Risk Explanations. With L. Hwang and M. Trombley. The Accounting Review. 78.2. April 2003: 377-397. 2003 - Publication
Securities Price Consequences of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and Related Events (Ashiq Ali and Sanjay Kallapur) The Accounting Review, July 2001: 431 - 460. 2001 - Publication
Accruals and Future Stock Returns: Tests of the Nave Investor Hypothesis (with Lee-Seok Hwang and Mark Trombley) Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance, Spring 2000: 161 - 181. 2000 - Publication
Country Specific Factors Related to Financial Reporting and the Value Relevance of Accounting Data (Ashiq Ali and L. Hwang) Journal of Accounting Research, Spring 2000: 1 - 21. 2000 - Publication
The Incremental Information Content of Earnings, Working Capital from Operations and Cash Flows: The U.K. Evidence (Ashiq Ali and Peter Pope) Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, January 1995: 19 - 34. 1995 - Publication
The Impact of the Risk of Debt and Pension Assets on Equity Risk (Ashiq Ali) Business Journal, Fall 1994. 19. Discretionary Disclosures in Response to Intra-Industry Information Transfer (Ashiq Ali, Joshua Ronen and Shu Hsing Li) Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Spring 1994: 265 - 282. 1994 - Publication
The Magnitudes of Financial Statement Effects and Accounting Choice: The Case of the Adoption of SFAS 87 (Ashiq Ali and Krishna Kumar) Journal of Accounting and Economics, July 1994: 89 - 114. 1994 - Publication


Charles and Nancy Davidson Chaired Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2011–Present]
Charles and Nancy Davidson Distinguished Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2006–2011]
Ashbel Smith Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2004–2006]
University of Arizona [2003–2004]
Associate Professor
University of Arizona [1995–2003]
Visiting Assistant Professor
Columbia University [1991–1992]
Assistant Professor
New York University [1987–1995]
New York University [1986–1987]
Executive Assistant to Vice President
Blue Star Limited [1981–1982]

Additional Information



University of Texas at Dallas
Committee on Educational Policy, 2004-present (UTD)

University of Arizona
Writing Proficiency Exam Grading Workgroup, 1997
Graduate Representative for Oral Exams, several times during 1996-2002


University of Texas at Dallas

Search Committee, Associate Dean for Executive Education, 2008-2009
Executive Education Committee, 2004-present
Research and PhD Committee, 2004-present
Promotion and Tenure Review Committees, Finance and ISOM Departments

University of Arizona
Department Head Review Committee, 2003-2004
College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, 2003-2004
Finance Department Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, 2003-2004
MBA Director and Associate Dean Search Committee, 2001-present
College Advisory Committee, 1996-1997
College Ph.D. and Research Committee, 1995-1997, 2003-2004
Committee for Graduate Study, 1998-1999
College Space Committee, 1999-2000
Instructor for the Weekend MBA program, 1998-present
Instructor for the Electronic Classroom MBA program, 2001-present
Instructor for the Business Basics Program, May 1999, September 2000, February 2001

New York University
Affirmative Action Committee, 1990-91
Computer Resources Committee, 1989-90


University of Texas at Dallas
Chair, Recruiting Committee, 2004-present
Co-Supervised, Workshop Speaker Series, 2005-present
Chair and Ad hoc member, Promotion and Tenure Review Committees
Research and PhD Committee, 2004-present

University of Arizona
Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1995-present
Professional Activities Report Committee, 1995-present
Ph. D. Committee, 1995-present
Recruiting Committee, 1995-present
Chair, Undergraduate Financial Accounting Curriculum Review Committee, 1995-1996
Committee for Post-Tenure Review Guidelines, 1997
Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Preparation and Grading, 1995-2001