Anvar Zakhidov

Professor - Physics
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Tags: Materials and Polymers Chemistry Physics

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Physics (optics)
Institute of Spectroscopy of USSR Academy of Sciences - 1981
M.S. - Physical Electronics
Tashkent Technical University - 1975

Research Areas

Main research fields
  • Advanced Materials: Photonic Crystals, Nanostructured thermoelectrics. Carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. Nanotechnology: self-assembly, micro-templating
  • Optoelectronics of organic & molecular solids: photocells, molecular electronic devices, OLEDs
  • Spectroscopy of molecular crystals, conducting polymers, fullerenes, charge-transfer complexes, and organic ferromagnets
  • MW spectroscopy of high-temperature, organic and fulleride superconductors
  • Theory of low-dimensional organic solids, conducting polymers and fullerenes: properties of electronic excitations: excitons, polarons/bipolarons, solitons
Current subject of research
  • Design and fabrication of photonic crystals in optical and MW bands for device application as switches.
  • Advanced nanogranular thermoelectric materials and devices
  • Tunable photonic crystals based on new carbon forms, conducting polymers and ferroelectrics, particularly for applications in optoelectronics and microwave antennas.
  • Carbon nanotubes synthesis and studies for applications as actuators, electronic and multifunctional materials


Giant-stroke, superelastic carbon nanotube aerogel muscles 2009 - Journal Article
Monolithic parallel tandem organic photovoltaic cell with transparent carbon nanotube interlayer 2009 - Journal Article
Self-oscillations of carbon nanotube twist-yarn during field emission 2009 - Journal Article
Semitransparent organic photovoltaic cell with carbon nanotube-sheet anodes and Ga-doped ZnO cathodes 2009 - Journal Article
Statistic theory of multiple exciton generation in quantum dot based solar cells 2009 - Book
All-optical logical gates built on optically linear bandgap structures covered with nonlinear material 2008 - Conference Paper
Imprinted large-scale high density polymer nanopillars for organic solar cells 2008 - Journal Article
Multiwalled carbon nanotube sheets as transparent electrodes in high brightness organic light-emitting diodes 2008 - Journal Article
ZnO lasing in complex systems with tetrapods 2008 - Journal Article
Field emission of electrons by carbon nanotube twist-yarns 2007 - Journal Article


University of Texas at Dallas [2002–Present]
Associate Director
The University of Texas at Dallas [2001–Present]
Principal Research Scientist
Honeywell Intl (former AlliedSignal Inc) [1996–2001]
Institute of Spectroscopy of USSR Academy of December Science [1990–1990]
Honorific Head of the Molecular Systems Laboratory
Uzbek Academy of Sciences [1988–Present]
Head of the Laboratory for Radiation Physics of Organic Solids
Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbek Academy of Sciences [1986–1988]
Senior Research Associate
Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences [1984–1986]
Senior Researcher
Scientific Instruments Design Center of Uzbek Academy of Sciences [1981–1984]
Ph.D. graduate student
Institute of Spectroscopy of USSR [1977–1980]
Research Associate
Physical-Technical Institute of Uzbek Academy Sciences [1975–1977]


Fellow - American Physical Society
Asian-American Engineer of the Year - [2003]

Additional Information

1. "Three Dimensionally Periodic Structural Assemblies on Nanometer and Longer Scales"A.A. Zakhidov, R.H. Baughman, C. Cui, I. Khayrullin, L.-M. Liu, I. Udod, J. Su, and M. Kozlov. U.S. 6,517,762 (Issued 2/11/2003)
2. "Actuators Using Double-Layer Charging of High Surface Area Materials", R.H. Baughman, C. Cui; J. Su; Z. Iqbal; A.A. Zakhidov. U.S. 6,555,945 (Issued 4/29/2003)
3. "Spinning, Processing, and Applications of Carbon Nanotube Filaments, Ribbons, and Yarns A. Lobovsky, J. Matrunich, M. Kozlov, R.C. Morris, R.H. Baughman, A.A. Zakhidov. U.S. 6,682,677 (Issued 1/27/2004)
4. "Material and device properties modification by electrochemical charge injection in the absence of contacting electrolyte for either local spatial or final states." Suh, Dong-Seok; Baughman, Ray Herny; Zakhidov, Anvar Abdulahadovic. (Board of Regents of University of` Texas System, USA). PCT Int. Appl. (2005), 152 PP
5. "The fabrication and application of Nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non- twisted Nanofiber yamsz, Mei Zhang, Shaoli F ang, A. Zakhidov, Ali Aliev, S.B Lee, C. Williams, R. Baughman. PCT Int Appl. (2005) 328p.
Service for Organization of International Meetings
  • Intemational Conference "Electronics of Organic Materials" ELORMA'87, Tashkent, Nov. 1987 Sci Secretary.
  • International Conferences on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals, ICSM'90, (Tubingen, Germany)
  • ICSM'92, (Gotheborg, Sweden); ICSM'94, (Seoul, Korea): ICSM'96, Snowbird, Utah, USA: Mem Int. Adv. Com.
  • Int. Winterschool "Electronic Properties of Polymers." Kirchberg, Austria, 1991: Program Committee.
  • Int. Topic. Conf. on "Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers," 1991, Snowbird USA and "Optical Probes of Fullerenes,"  1994, Salt Lake City: member of Int. Advisory Committee,
  • "Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers and Photonic Crystals", 2000, Salt Lake City, Co-Organizer
  • Spring Intemational Conference and Topical Symposium "Photonic, Excitonic, Spintronic Processes in Nanostructures", Dallas, Texas, 2004, Organizer
Visiting Professorship and Teaching Experience
1995 Sep. -1996 Feb. Visiting Professor at the Department. of Electronics, Osaka
1995 Mar-July University ( c/o Prof. K. Yoshino).
1993 Oct.-1994 Feb. (teaching graduate courses and conducting research )
1992 Jan.-Feb.
1992 May- Visiting Professor the Institute of Molecular Spectroscopy,
1993 June CNR, Bologna, (c/o Prof. Carlo Taliani )
Fellowship of the Consorzio INF M, Genova, Italy
1991 Nov.-1992 J an Visiting Professor of Kyoto University, Dept. Molecular Engineering (c/0 Prof Tokio Yamabe)
1990 Dec-91 Nov. Visiting Professor in the Institute for Molecular Science,
1993 Aug-Oct. Myodaiji, Okazaki, 444, Japan. (c/o Prof. K. Yakushi, Solid
1994 Oct.- 1995 Mar. State Chemistry Laboratory.) 

News Articles

U. T. Dallas Nanotechnology Scientists Win Research Grants Worth $500,000
Nanotechnology scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) have won two federal research grants totaling more than $500,000, the university announced today. The largest of the awards is a three-year, $460,000 grant from the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research to three members of the UTD faculty to produce prototypes of photocells from polymer nanofibers and carbon nanotubes. The co-principal investigators on the grant are Dr. Anvar A. Zakhidov, professor of physics and associate director of the UTD NanoTech Institute, Dr. John P. Ferraris, professor of chemistry and head of the Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Kenneth J. Balkus, Jr., professor of chemistry. The goal of the research is the creation of low-cost, ultra-lightweight, deployable solar cell arrays that could be used to generate electric power for spacecraft, among other applications.
UTD's Anvar Zakhidov Selected to Receive An Asian-American Engineer of Year Award
Dr. Anvar A. Zakhidov, professor of physics at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and associate director of the UTD NanoTech Institute, will receive an "Asian-American Engineer of the Year" award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA (CIE/USA) when the national organization holds its annual awards banquet in Dallas next month. Zakhidov is one of 14 prominent scientists and engineers from throughout the United States to be selected to receive the award, which recognizes significant contributions by Asian-Americans to engineering and the sciences. Specifically, Zakhidov will be honored for his efforts to advance nanoscience and nanotechnology. The awardees work for a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector, including IBM, Boeing, Raytheon, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the U.S. Navy.
Fellowship Honors NanoTech Institute Co-Founder
Lauded for his landmark advancements in nanotechnology, optics and the science of physics as a whole, Dr. Anvar Zakhidov has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). Zakhidov’s distinction, in the society’s materials physics division, will be made public in the March 2010 issue of APS News. Members are nominated by their peers. Zakhidov’s annual citations—a yardstick by which the quality of research is often measured—have increased in the past decade from about 200 per year to more than 800 annually. Thirty of his 240 publications have been cited at least 30 times.
Baughman, Zakhidov Win Prestigious Medal From Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Two researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas last week were awarded the prestigious Kapitza Medal by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences for the pair’s breakthroughs in the field of nanotechnology. The medal is the highest award given by the academy for a major scientific discovery. Dr. Ray Baughman, director of the UT Dallas NanoTech Institute, and Dr. Anvar Zakhidov, associate director of the institute, were honored at a ceremony in Moscow before an audience of nearly 400 scientists and engineers from approximately 40 universities and research institutes throughout Russia. Zakhidov, a native of Uzbekistan, part of the former Soviet Union, was also inducted into the academy as a foreign member. Baughman was similarly honored a decade ago.
Paper on Improving Solar Cells Nets Zakhidov ‘Top 5’ Honor from Materials Research Society
A scientific paper on improving polymer solar cells, authored by Dr. Anvar Zakhidovand colleagues at The University of Texas at Dallas NanoTech Institute, was selected one of the “Top 5 Hot Talks/Cool Papers” submitted at the 2007 spring meeting of the Materials Research Society held last month in San Francisco.  The honor was announced last week by the society.

The paper, published recently in the international journal Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, describes the efforts of NanoTech Institute researchers to build organic solar cells utilizing sheets of carbon nanotubes that collect a greater amount of energy from sunlight than other photovoltaic devices.  The UT Dallas scientists have demonstrated the ability to double the collection efficiency of organic solar cells.


Phase II on "Teraherts lasers" (with ALTAIR center)
$225,000 - STTR program award [2006–2007]
Negative Index Materials at Infrared and visible wavelengths
$375 K - Air Force [2005–2008]
Synthesis of "quantum dot-conducting polymer"
$150,000 - Welch [2005–2008]
Nanoscale Polymeric Photocells by Advance Electrospinning
$459 K - Air Force [2003–2006]
Phonon Engineering of Organic materials
$ 400 K - DARPA [2002–2003]