Anton Sobolev

Assistant Professor of Political Economy and Cyber Policy
+1 (972) 883-4967
GR 3.108
Tags: Public Policy


News and Geolocated Social Media Accurately Measure Protest Size Variation 2020 - Journal Article
Stability of revolutionary governments in the face of mass protest 2019 - Journal Article
Civic and political activism in Russia 2018 - Book Chapter
Defining common ground: Collective identity in Russia's post-election protests and rallies 2016 - Book Chapter
Means of production versus means of coercion: Can Russian business limit the violence of a predatory state 2014 - Journal Article
Trial by fire: A natural disaster's impact on support for the authorities in rural Russia 2014 - Journal Article
A well-organized play symbolic politics and the effect of the pro-Putin rallies 2013 - Journal Article
Economic and Social Policy Trade-Offs in the Russian Regions: Evidence from Four Case Studies 2013 - Journal Article