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Anila D'Mello

Anila D'Mello

Jon Heighten Scholar in Autism Research (UTSW)
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of language and social cognition across development and in autism; Cerebellar contributions to cognition and disorders


Professional Preparation

PhD - Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience
American University - 2017
MA - Psychology
American University - 2014
BA - Psychology
Georgetown University - 2008

Research Areas

Language and cognition are exceptionally complex behaviors, scaffolded by both sensorimotor and cognitive systems, unfolding across short and long timescales, and varying greatly across individuals and development. Our lab studies the neurocognitive basis of language and cognition across typical and atypical neurodevelopment, including in autistic individuals. We are particularly interested in the role of cerebro-cerebellar circuits in language, cognition, and disorders. To do this, we combine tools from cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, and developmental psychology including neuroimaging, neuromodulation, behavioral experimentation, and clinical interventions. 


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Rozenkrantz, L., D’Mello, A.M., Gabrieli, J.D.E (2021) Enhanced Rationality in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 25(8):685-696. - publications
Rice, L., D’Mello, A.M., Stoodley, C.J. (2021) Differential behavioral and neural effects of regional cerebellar tDCS. Neuroscience 462, 288-302. - publications


Assistant Professor
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center [2022–Present]
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2022–Present]
Postdoctoral Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology [2017–2022]

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