Alvaro Cardenas

Associate Professor - Computer Science
Tags: Security Computer Science

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Maryland - 2006
M.S - Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Maryland - 2002
B.S. - Electrical Engineering
Universidad de los Andes - 2000

Research Areas

Research Interests

My research interests include several aspects of network security. I am particularly interested in security and privacy in the smart grid and other cyber-physical critical infrastructures, application of machine learning and (big data) analytics to computer security, and wireless networking for embedded systems (Internet of Things).


AMI Threats, Intrusion Detection Requirements and Deployment Recommendations. David Grochocki, Jun Ho Huh, Robin Berthier, Rakesh Bobba, Alvaro A. Crdenas, Jorjeta G. Jetcheva, William H. Sanders. IEEE SmartGridComm 2012. November 2012. 2012 - Publication
Privacy and Integrity for Data Aggregation in Smart Grid Networks (link). Gelareh Taban, Alvaro A. Crdenas. IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter, March 15, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Establishing Short and Long-term Plans for Securing Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructures. Alvaro A. Crdenas. The Critical Infrastructure Protection Report. George Mason School of Law. April, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Security and Privacy in the Smart Grid. Alvaro A. Crdenas, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini In Sajal K. Das, Krishna Kant, and Nan Zhang Eds. Handbook on Securing Cyber-Physical Infrastructures: Foundations and Challenges. Morgan Kaufmann, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Privacy-Aware Sampling for Residential Demand Response Programs. Alvaro A. Crdenas, Saurabh Amin, Galina Schwartz. Conference on High Confidence Networked Systems (HiCoNS) at CPSWeek. April 17-18, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Cyber-Physical Security for Smart Grid Systems. Alvaro A. Crdenas, Ricardo Moreno. NIST Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop. April 23-24, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Evaluating Electricity Theft Detectors in Smart Grid Networks. Daisuke Mashima, Alvaro A. Crdenas. Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Def.enses (RAID) Symposium. September 12-14, 2012. Acceptance Rate 21%. 2012 - Publication
Comparison of Data Forwarding Mechanisms for AMI Networks. Sandra Cspedes, Alvaro A. Crdenas, Tadashige Iwao. 2012 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT). January 17-19, 2012. 2012 - Publication
Enhancing Cyber-physical Security through Data Patterns. (pdf) Richard Chow, Ersin Uzun, Alvaro A. Crdenas, Zhexuan Song, Sung Lee. Workshop on Foundations of Dependable and Secure Cyber-Physical Systems. Associated with CPSWeek 2011. April 11, 2011. 2011 - Publication
Attacks Against Process Control Systems: Risk Assessment, Detection, and Response (pdf) Alvaro A. Crdenas, Saurabh Amin, Zong-Syun Lin, Yu-Lun Huang, Chi-Yen Huang, and Shankar Sastry ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (AsiaCCS 2011) March 22-24,2011. Acceptance Rate 16%. 2011 - Publication

Additional Information

Professional Activities and Memberships
Fujitsu representative to NIST's Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). NIST Cloud Computing Security working group and Cloud Security Alliance. Member of ACM, IEEE, IEEE Computer, and IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) alliance.

News Articles

Computer Scientist Gets CAREER Boost for Cybersecurity Project
Dr. Alvaro Cárdenas, assistant professor of computer science in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for his research on cyber-physical systems. 
The award provides him with more than $500,000 in funding over five years. 

A cyber-physical system, or CPS, is a system in which computers control physical processes, like modern vehicles, the power grid and smart thermostats.