Allison Russell

Allison Russell

​​Assistant Professor, Public and Nonprofit Management Program
+1 (972) 883-4965
GR 2.212
Tags: Public and Nonprofit Management

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. - Social Welfare
University of Pennsylvania - 2019
Master of Public Administration
University of North Carolina at Wilmington - 2015
B.A. - Latin American and Latino Studies
Fordham University - 2013

Research Areas

Research Interests
Nonprofit management, volunteering, ethical decision-making, nonprofit HRM, social innovation, civil society development


Russell, A.R., Storti, M.H., and Handy, F. (2022). Volunteer retirement and well-being: Evidence from older adult volunteers. International Journal on Community Wellbeing. DOI: 10.1007/s42413-021-00157-z 2022 - Journal Article
Russell, A.R., Speevak, P., and Handy, F. (2021). Volunteering in Canada. In Intersections and Innovations: Change for Canada’s Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector, edited by Susan Phillips and Bob Wyatt. The Muttart Foundation. 2021 - Book Chapter
Russell, A.R., Kim, E., Handy, F., and Gellis, Z. (2020). Formal vs. informal volunteering and well-being: Does volunteering type matter for older adults? Voluntary Sector Review.  2020 - Journal Article
Russell, A.R., Walk, M., and Handy, F. (2020). Nonprofit human resources management. In Routledge Companion to Nonprofit Management, edited by Stefan Toepler and Helmut K. Anheier. Routledge.  2020 - Book Chapter
Frimpong, S., Russell, A.R., Handy, F. (2020). Re-Imagining Community Development: The Cocoa360 Model. In The Research Handbook on Community Development, edited by Rhonda Phillips and Eric Trevan. 2020 - Book Chapter
Russell, A.R., Storti, M.H., and Handy, F. (2019). Managing volunteer retirement among older adults: Perspectives of volunteer administrators. Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs, 5(1), 95-109. 2019 - Journal Article
Russell, A.R., Nyame-Mensah, A., De Wit, A., and Handy, F. (2018). Volunteering and wellbeing among ageing adults: A longitudinal analysis. Voluntas.  DOI: 10.1007/s11266-018-0041-8 2019 - Journal Article
Handy, F., and Russell, A.R. (2018). Ethics for Social Impact: Ethical Decision-Making in Nonprofit Organizations. Palgrave Macmillan.  2018 - Book
Russell, A.R., Mook, L., and Handy, F. (2017). Interchangeability of labor: Managing a mixed paid and volunteer workforce. In The Nonprofit Human Resource Management Handbook, edited by Jessica K.A. Word and Jessica E. Sowa.  2017 - publications
Brudney, J.L., and Russell, A.R. (2016). Hours aren’t enough:  New methodologies for the valuation of community-engaged learning. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 26(3), p. 277-293. 2016 - Journal Article


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2021–Present]
Postdoctoral Fellow
Center for Social Impact Strategy [2019–2021]
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania [2019–2021]
MS in Nonprofit Leadership

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