Alexander L. Burton

Alexander L. Burton

Assistant Professor - Criminology and Criminal Justice Program

Alexander L. Burton is an Assistant Professor in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Program. His work primarily focuses on corrections and criminal justice policy. His recent works appear in journals such as Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and Criminology and Public Policy.

Tags: Criminology & Criminal Justice

Professional Preparation

Doctor of Philosophy - Criminal Justice
University of Cincinnati - 2022
Master of Science - Criminal Justice
University of Cincinnati - 2017
Bachelor of Science - Justice Administration
Southwest Minnesota State University - 2015

Research Areas

Institutional and Community Corrections
Criminal Justice Personnel Training
Public Opinion and Public Policy
School and Gun Policy


Burton, A. L., Jonson, C. L., Miller, W. T., & Cook, R. (2022). Likely to stay or bound to leave? Exploring prior work histories of correctional officer recruits. Corrections Today, 84(5), 24-28. 2022 - publications
Petrich, D. M., Cullen, F. T., Lee, H., & Burton, A. L. (2022). Prisoner reentry programs. In E. L. Jeglic and C. Calkins (Eds.), Handbook of Issues in Criminal Justice Reform. Springer. 2022 - publications
Lee, H., Pickett, J. T., Burton, A. L., Cullen, F. T., Jonson, C. L., & Burton, V. S., Jr. (2022). Attributions as anchors: How the public explains school shootings and why it matters. Justice Quarterly, 39(3), 497–524. 2022 - publications
Miller, W. T., Burton, A. L., Jonson, C. L., & Burton, V. S., Jr. (2022). The creation of a correctional officer trainee self-efficacy index: An application of item response theory. Journal of Forensic Psychology Research and Practice, 22(3), 285-306. 2022 - publications
Schutten, N., Pickett, J. T., Burton, A. L., Jonson, C. L., Cullen, F. T., & Burton., V. S., Jr. (2022). Punishing rampage: Public opinion on sanctions for school shooters. Justice Quarterly, 39(2), 252–275. 2022 - publications
Burton, A. L. (2021). Review of Policing the Second Amendment: Guns, Law Enforcement, and the Politics of Race by Jennifer Carlson. Sociological Inquiry, 91(2), 499–501. 2021 - publications
Burton, A. L. (2021). OLS (linear) Regression. In J.C. Barnes and D. Forde (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice. John Wiley & Sons.

2021 - publications
Burton, A. L., Cullen, F. T., Pickett, J. T., Burton, V. S., Jr., & Thielo, A. J. (2021). Beyond the eternal criminal record: Public support for expungement. Criminology & Public Policy, 20(1), 123–151. 2021 - publications


Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas [2022–Present]
Senior Research Associate
Center for Health and Human Services Research [2020–2022]


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